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Chai Time Conversation With Sangeeta Kochhar

Chai Time Conversation With Sangeeta Kochhar

On this month’s chai time conversation we meet this amazing person whose words will trigger joy and happy emotions. She is a great soul with a beautiful journey, I adored her for saying whenever life puts her down she goes and make a cup of tea first and then make different choices! Totally MY kindaa person! Read through her inspiring trail and do share your impressions in the comments at the end. 

Tell us about yourself Sangeeta!

A Dreamer and Creator with a love for Travel & Tea, Love and Learning, Romance and Reading, Movies and Music, Solitude and Simplicity, Poems and People, Being and Believing, Inconsistency and Inspiration, I have always found myself seeking for “something more” beyond this normalcy we call LIFE.

A self confessed, hitch hiking gypsy of sorts, my healing journey spans over 18 years of seeking and in turn mastering various healing modalities. Even though I was grateful for the change I had created with each Healing technique, so many things in my life still seemed to be a struggle. I felt exhausted most of the time and the happiness I did experience with each practice, was mostly unsustainable. At the end of my wits, I was willing to give up my search and make peace with what ever was but am glad I didn’t because that’s when Access Consciousness showed up in my Universe.

I experienced an awareness and knowing like never before.Trusting myself  completely for the first time, I gave up my need to FIT IN. It was no longer about fixing or mending or healing me, my relationships, my money, my body or about getting it Right anymore. My world opened up to questions, choices and possibilities I never knew existed. Learning to be Me and allowing myself to receive from this ever benevolent universe, letting go of judgement with such ease and the expansion of what else is possible are some of the most amazing gifts of Access Consciousness to me. Before I knew It, I was the change that changed everything and everyone around me and continue to do so.

I celebrate every moment knowing that if I desire to change anything all I have to do is Choose it. Fun Ease and Joy is the lightness of Being that we are all here to experience.

Why do you do what you do? What is your mission and vision behind it?

I don’t have a mission or a vision. I do what I do because I desire to be the inspiration and space of a different reality where anything is possible, where you are possible and Oh, did I mention that’s its a whole lot of fun watching people change their realities too.

What is the one belief you live by?

“IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE YOU ARE , ITS WHERE YOU GO FROM HERE THAT DOES” nothing is set in stone and change is really the only constant we have.

What is your take on self-love? Share with us any five ways you indulge in it!

Self love is always being in allowance of everything you are  the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It is recognizing the gift you be here on this beautiful planet.

  • I laugh a lot, it heals me and Mother Earth
  • I trust myself and my gut and am grateful for me.
  • I spend time in nature every chance I get…. out in the open
  • I involve and indulge all my senses in everything I do, making every experience orgasmic
  • I talk to my body a lot.

What would be your advice to the newbie’s who are starting on their personal development journey?

 Your Point of  view and your point of you creates your reality and not the other way around.

Recognize that you are already whole.

There is nothing Wrong with you .Your restlessness  and upset is a sign that you are capable of creating so much more than you are willing to acknowledge and allow yourself to have right now.

 When life puts you down, how do you bounce back?

When Life gets me down first I make myself a bug mug of Tea then I make different choices. I choose to be happy no matter what. Choice trumps everything.

What are your daily rituals? How do you start and end your day! 

I wake up every morning and ask the universe to play with me. I wonder what adventure, joy and miracle the universe can show me today and ask questions like What can I be or do today that will contribute to my life and living? Then I hug my kids and my husband. Before I go to bed I hug my kids and husband and then ask the universe to show me what else is possible that I have never even considered? I give thanks first for myself and then to everyone and everything in my life before I doze off.

Rapid Fire –

Namaste Happiness is…a brilliant platform filled with creative inspiration in every story.

I am currently readingBeyond The Utopian Ideal By Gary M Douglas

My go-to mantra…ASK and you shall receive because Questions open up possibilities….here’s my favorite question – “what question can I ask here that will change all this with ease?” try it.

Law of attraction – Yay or nay?…Yay . Since my point of view creates my reality I attract everything that matches the vibration of my point of views. The Universe is Japanese in that it says YES to everything you believe….good or bad. If you believe life is hard it says yes and is eager to show you more of that similarly if you believe Life is fun it says yes and is eager to show you more of that too.

headshotSangeeta Kochhar is a creative infinite being inspired to remind you of your infinite-ness and all that is ‘right’ about YOU. She Facilitates The Right Relationship for you Intro class, 2 days New Beginnings class, Access Bars class, Foundation and Level 1 classes, Access specialty classes  and Access Body process classes in New Delhi and is available for private consultations and sessions in person and over Skype from wherever you are. She is open to facilitating classes across India and beyond.She is a wellness consultant and a life coach who is empowered with the tools, techniques and questions to guide you to know that YOU ALREADY KNOW. You can check more about access consciousness here.

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What is your inspiring take-away from this interview? Or what question are you going to ask THE Universe? Do share in the comments 🙂




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