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Chai Time Conversation With The Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist

About Rajat Kalra, The Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist!I adore simplicity! I love seeing life from a standpoint that has no complexities. I am a musician and founder of the Experimental Rock Band called ‘Naked Raga’. I live for writing music, spending time with all my guitars and learning new things everyday. In addition, I share my simple thoughts through my blog called ‘Man of Simplee Fikation’.Lets go big!

Why do you do what you do? 

My one and only objective in life is to spread joy through any action that I perform.  

 And what is the one belief you live by? 

 Too much of knowledge is dangerous. It makes you judge more and love less. 

 What is your take on self-love? Any five ways you indulge in it? 

Self-love to me is celebrating yourself. You could do it by ~

  •  Believe happiness lies in the heart of the enjoyer
  •  Simply do what you like
  •  Love more
  •  Judge less
  •  Be proud of who you are

What would be your advice to the newbie’s who are starting on their personal development journey!

  1. Give in your 100%
  2. Celebrate successes and accept failures gracefully

When life puts you down, how do you bounce back? (what’s your simple take on this)

I don’t let it put me down. It may shake me, but my belief in ‘nothing is permanent’ keeps my morale high. 

 Interesting!! Lets do the Rapid Fire 

Namaste Happiness is about Keeping things simple!

My favorite self-help book is…  My mistakes, that’s no less than a book

I can’t live without… Being who I am 

Law of attraction – Yay or nay? (any thoughts)

Give love to get love. 


I am made of all the ordinary and simple things in the world, and fond of decorating smiles on faces around me. I founded an Experimental Rock Band called ‘Naked Raga’ and continue to make peculiar music that’s available online. I am the Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist for my band. I am also a motivational speaker. While all that occurred in my life, one thing remained consistent – that is, my take on ‘simplicity’. I love simplifying things in my own way, for myself and others. I do so through my music, my writings, my talks and my silence. I believe that simplification is the only key to a peaceful living – simplification of routine-work, professional life, personal life and relationships.

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