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Chai Time With The Healer, Amrisha Ahuja

Chai Time With The Healer, Amrisha Ahuja

chai time with the healer amrisha huja

About Amrisha Ahuja

Amrisha Ahuja, a dreamer and a healer who believes in the human potential to create whatever they wish to with their lives, bodies, relationship, finances. She loves to travel and connect with new people who allow a glimpse into the existence of  various possibilities, human spirit and most of all Love. She is inspired the most by the urge in people to meet their other side that is full of love, consciousness and peace.

Lets start with a biggie!!!

Why do you do what you do? Tell us something about your mission and vision!

Sometimes you choose the work knowing well before that it is what is ‘meant’ for you and at times you ‘consciously’ get clear of the mission afterwards.  For me, I chose this work because it defined fun and lightness to me initially. As I kept going deeper in this, the bond with the work grew stronger. I do it purely for the heart I am able to put in this work. The changes that show up in people’s lives and bodies post sessions is what calls me to do this work. Through this, my aim is to provide a platform where people can ‘choose’ their lives consciously and completely and become conscious co-creators of their lives.

What is the one belief you live by? 

I believe people are inherently born good and capable of loving. It’s the journey of life that might cover the heart with dust but if, they choose to be vulnerable and look at their dark and hollow spaces they surely can convert the dust to gold with the alchemy of love.

What are your thoughts on Self-love and how do you revel in it? (Throw us your favorite five ways)

How much ever love one may receive from outside sources it can never be sufficient to fill the pot if one is unable to give themselves the same kind of love. The first step to receiving love fully as well lies in self love.

  •  Taking out time everyday for myself and for my self talk
  •  Daily Meditation ritual of a few minutes
  •  Journaling everyday stories of the mind and heart
  •  Listening to heart soothing music
  •  Nourishing myself by being surrounded by people and books that feel like soul partners

What would be your advice to the newbie’s who are starting on their personal development journeys? 

You always know. Follow your instinct more than any book/guru/healer. Keep a regular check on the spiritual ego. This often happens in the start when you get in touch with your latent gifts.Speak the truth WITH compassion. Speak it if needed.  Make sure you are not releasing your anger and irritation in the name of truth by saying things that need not be said.

When life puts you down, how do you bounce back? (We all have those days! What’s your inspiration)

The most important thing is my relationship with the self, which is well developed. My biggest inspiration would be the resilience of the self and the beautiful conversation by nature sharing all the secrets of life openly. I usually tend to spend more time with myself and nature during such times. Along with this I am blessed with a wonderful soul group whom I reach out to for support.

What do you want people to remember you for?

Never thought of that.  More than this I would want when I go through a life review at the time of my ascension I feel content on having lived the heart, holding some hands and having had a good laugh once a day at least.

Now, here’s some rapid fire –

Namaste Happiness is inviting and enticing others to join hands with the happiness bandwagon!

My favorite self-help books are by Pema Chodron, Debbie Ford and Paulo Coelho

I can’t live without air (after all when body goes for a toss it takes away all stories of spirituality)

Law of attraction – Yay or nay?

Yayyyayy! It’s simple – Smile, Breathe, Create a goal, Do your work, Smile, Breathe.

amrisha ahujaAmrisha Ahuja, considers herself a healing artist. She blends the healing forms with the art of listening to her heart  and loves seeing what manifests post this merging. She works as a Hypnotherapist, Psychologist, Energy healer under the banner of her healing center in Delhi, The Healing Island. She holds individual sessions and group workshops in various  healing modalities like Access Bars, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and other Integrated healing modalities. Her  other area of love is acting and writing and of late she is using these as means of her creative  expression. She could be reached at and Facebook

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Chai Time Conversations are going to be a regular column on Namaste Happiness, did you enjoy meeting my friend and soul sister Amrisha? Share your thoughts below!!



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