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Chai Time With The Healer Abhi Sahai

Chai Time With The Healer Abhi Sahai

abhi sahai
Tell us about yourself Abhi –   

 I am a social worker by profession, MBA by training and Healer by Dharma and Yogi by Karma.

My spiritual journey started when I was 4 years old as I could remember my past life and my mission and soul purpose of taking this incarnation from that very age. I was kind of shy and an introvert child who knew about things beyond my years and remember vividly the conversation I had with source or GOD whatever u may call it before choosing to take this body. I kept this remembrance to myself for the fear of being ridiculed and it was not until I reached high school and read “The Autobiography of Yogi” that I came to know that I am not ‘weird’ and my path and mission became clear.

Later I took initiation of kriya yoga from my guru Rudra Shivanand of Babaji Kriya Yoga order of Acharyas based in Canada. After diligently practicing for years and having done siddhis in various mantas and tantras I was able to develop my latent power to heal and love. In the year 2012 I had the vision of mahavtaar babaji calling me in one of the caves in Himalayas. Actually I had planned a trip with my friends to Kullu Manali but it somehow got cancelled at the last moment due to unforeseen circumstances and I was left alone, which I realized later as to be fate and it was actually babaji who has planned this sojourn.

I went on to the journey to Rishikesh as my flight tickets were booked and could not be cancelled at such a short notice. I had no inkling of the fact that nearly 22kms from rishikesh there is temple of lord Shiva and beyond that temple at approx 5 kms there is a cave where babaji meditated for number of years. I just went there as a normal tourist on a motorcycle as I am very fond of mountain biking by hiring a bike.

After  reaching the temple I prayed to lord shiva and when I was returning back a sadhu told me that there are some caves located on the hills adjoining the temple and I must visit those.

I was surprised as I had never met that sadhu before, but I followed my instinct and thought let’s give it a shot. So I climbed the hill and visited some temple while on the way up to caves. After reaching jhilmil gufa as it is known by locals I met caretaker of that cave. He was a young sadhu and just after I met him he told me to go to a particular cave and mediate there. I asked him why but he said just do as I say and so went to that cave. It was dark and isolated cave. I just sat there and started babaji  mantra” Aum kriya babaji namah Aum”. I just went into a state of trance after few minutes of chanting the mantra and began to have visions. I saw a big hundred headed snake like sheshnaag coming from behind and it stood behind me. I was literally terrified but maintained my composure and stayed there for a while in siddhasana doing mantra jaap. Then I saw a translucent figure of a sadhu come and put his hand on my head and then suddenly he vanished. I was terrified but there was this strange smell like when incense is burned in the cave. I meditated for a little longer and came out after another 20 mins.

After I came out of the cave and was about to leave that sadhu called me again and asked me kya dekha’ what did u see’. I narrated the whole incidence to him and then he told that he was instructed by babaji to tell me to go that cave. Later I came to know from that sadhu that the cave was used for mediation by various saints and babaji as their place of mediation for hundreds of years.

This was a turning point in my life and after this incident my life has been directed by unseen hands of my Adiguru Mahavtaar Babaji and my life took 360 degrees turn and from a high flying corporate career in Bangalore I have moved to quaint hills of Himalayas where I work for the underprivileged as a social worker and devote my time in sadhna and furthering my spiritual quest.

 Wow, what a beautiful journey!! In a single sentence what would you say your mission is? 

My mission is rather simple and it was revealed to me by babaji in one of the vision. It can be summed up in 3 words





My vision is to start an Institution of Spiritual Learning .

What is THE one belief you live by? 

I live by the belief that love is the source of all creation and there is no need for any learning except understanding what unconditional love is.

What is your take on self-love?  Five ways you indulge in it?

Self love nurtures your soul and gives you the strength to carry on in your spiritual quest.

I indulge in self love by doing activities I really love like.

  • Trekking in mountains is like soul searching for me and I love to be in vicinity of mountains and flowing rivers
  • Listening to music when I am alone
  • Biking in mountains
  • Reading books
  • Drinking Tea. There is no other pleasure that can beat drinking tea and it gives my soul satisfaction

What would be your advice to the newbie’s who are starting on their personal development journey? 

My advice is to stay true to themselves and master the basics before jumping on to anything new as ultimately everything leads to the same destination so better follow your heart and stay on the path with focus and disciplined approach.

Lovely! when life puts you down, how do you bounce back? 

My whole life has been rollercoaster and I am very thankful for it as ultimately I have chosen it and every new setback becomes a milestone for me to try harder and never give up.

When the going gets tough I surrender myself completely to my adiguru as I have immense faith in him and I know he is there for me. Besides that I have my life partner who has been my pillar of strength and helps me in bouncing back.

What do you want people to remember you for?

I want people to remember me by the karmas I have done and small changes my teachings have contributed in furthering their quest for truth.

Rapid Fire –

  1. Namaste Happiness is….Great platform for sharing new ideas and learning new things.
  2. My favorite self-help /personal development book is…Bhagwat Gita
  3. I can’t live without…Chai
  4. Law of attraction – Yay or nay? …..Maybe our soul manifest circumstances and people for us to learn. The saying that nothing is out there and simply a manifestation of our inner self is completely true. This life is nothing but leela or divine play by the soul and law of attraction does not work for everyone every time because it’s not in sync with our soul plan.

1417563_656732641058647_1780903126_o-300x225Abhi Sahai is a social worker by profession, MBA by training and Healer by Dharma and Yogi by Karma. 
I am a certified kriya yogi and crystal healer. I have done MBA with specialization in marketing and have worked in fortune 500 companies. These days I work in an NGO in a small village in Himachal Pradesh away from crowd and rat race living a minimalistic life. I have a small organization known as Divine Roots which conducts spiritual events, healing and past life regression therapies. We organize spiritual retreats in Himalayas for spiritual seekers and plan to setup an institute of spiritual learning in Himalayas.

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