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You Just Can’t Miss AtréYoga Teacher’s Crash Course In New Delhi

You Just Can’t Miss AtréYoga Teacher’s Crash Course In New Delhi

If you are passionate about Yoga and you hold a basic teacher’s training certificate then check out this exceptional crash course by AtréYoga coming up this August in New Delhi, India.

Founded by Zubin Atré – an Author, TEDx Speaker, Yoga Trainer, Fashion Influencer and the man who has designed various Sports Yoga Programmes for noted sportspersons like Abhinav Bindra  and top Athletes ranging from Golfers to Scuba-drivers, AtréYoga has evolved as a knowledge system that carefully combines the best of old and new. AtréYoga caters to the need of the modern-day lifestyle while retaining the nuances of yogic practice from the older traditions of Hatha yoga.

“Rather than making your body fit into an asana, I put the asana into your body.” -Zubin Atré 

The AtréYoga methodology is characterized by the 5 structured series of asanas developed by Zubin Atré himself. Keeping the understanding of biomechanics in mind, the series has been developed in such a manner that it can be done by all levels, with varying degrees of flexibility and strength. One of the most important percepts of the methodology is the way a student is adjusted, so that the teacher, not only becomes a guide to his/her practice but literally becomes an exoskeleton of the student, carefully adjusting him/her into an asana so that the fluctuations of the breath can be minimized to a bare minimum.

In a nutshell, what goes in delivering an unforgettable satisfying yoga class? The answer would be a sequence of asana, to the fundamentals of biomechanics and physiology of touch, to the selection of the words used in giving instructions and the pitch of projection, to many other fine details and list of dos and don’ts. So, come forward to learn an uncompromising approach to the practice and streamline your teaching process with AtréYoga. 

In this 2 day crash course you will learn various concepts of AtréYoga:

  • An insight into how biomechanics can be combined with yoga to understand asanas at a deeper level
  • The 5 structured series of asanas with variability in difficulty level
  • The understanding of the physics of touch and how to make students feel comfortable in class
  • The nuances of adjustment and guiding the student through asanas

This crash course is for Yoga teachers with at least a 200 hour teachers training certificate. The 2 day course will be an intensive exploration of mind, physics, anatomy and spirit.

9.30am to 4.30pm
12th & 13th August 2017 (Saturday & Sunday)

AtréYoga Studio, 125 A, Third floor, Shahpur Jat

INR 5200 per head for 2 days

It is mandatory to register in advance. Registrations close on the 8th of August. The registration process is as follows:

  1. Write an email to info@atreyogastudio.com with your name, date of birth, contact number and a picture/scan of your teachers training certificate
  2. To complete the registration process, you will have to make an NEFT Payment or Paytm payment to the AtréYoga account of the complete crash course price. The account details will be emailed to you!

If you are ready to take your yoga love to a next level then register now! You can read more about Zubin Atre here and here on Namaste Happiness. 



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