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Come back to pure – Shudhvi Naturals

Come back to pure – Shudhvi Naturals

shudhvi naturals review

I love the name “Shudhvi” and I am quite happy to share that the products by this natural brand are fairly raw and organic in their essence. They clearly justify their tagline “Come back to pure”. They are produced from natural ingredients and comprise of essential oils without any artificial coloring, fragrances or additives, as mentioned.

It’s an Indian natural beauty brand that is new in the market but aims at providing you with an earthly experience of pure luxurious treat.

Shudhvi believes in the power of nature and purity which inspires them to make products with high quality natural ingredients and rich moisturizing oils to deliver the best in skin care. Their range is made in small batches in cold process method to ensure the quality of each product. Every step is taken with utmost care and passion.

Let me take you to a ride of unleashing some of the essentials by Shudhvi on the blog today. We have on the list –

a) Shudhvi Naturals Therapeutic Face Cleansing Powder

b) Shudhvi Naturals Hair Care Oil

c) Shudhvi Naturals After Bath Beauty Oil


Shudhvi Naturals Therapeutic Face Cleansing Powder 

Price – INR 340

Quantity – 50 grams

Product Description and Experience – Starting with the extremely key element of our beauty regime, cleansing, Shudhvi Naturals present to you a unique herbal powder suitable for cleansing and exfoliating the skin. To have a radiant, flawless and bright skin we need to make sure that we keep it free from dirt and toxins on a daily basis. I have personally never used a cleansing powder before so I was very excited to play with this one. Coming in a very simple packaging of cardboard box and white simple plastic round shaped jar with green lid the powder content is in good quantity and looks like a mix of herbs in dark brown and greenish color.

The smell of the fine powder is quite dominant of natural ingredients and if you are not fond of organic fragrances, you might find it as a bit overpowering. A pinch is enough to get that glowing skin. It is not a scrub so you won’t feel any major harsh particles on the face. It gets dissolved in the water very easily and has a soothing and moisturizing effect. This is something I would prefer over any chemical face wash any day. It is very effective and will give the skin an instant radiance keeping it soft and bright.

The Good – Chemical Free, Only Natural Ingredients, Brings instant radiance, Brightens the skin, Therapeutic in nature, Leaves the skin smooth and flawless, Ideal for regular use

The Not So Good – Overpowering organic fragrance, a little bit expensive


Shudhvi Naturals Hair Care Oil

Price – INR 315

Quantity – 100ml

Product Description and Experience – A rich and luxurious hair care oil made with over 25 herbs, flowers and natural ingredients. Keeps your hair nourished and silky smooth. The Shudhvi’s Splendour Hair Care Oil comes in a peachy cardboard packaging with a long white bottle inside. Looks simple and easy to use!

I loved the aftermath of using this oil on my head that gave a healthy boost to my dry hair. The only issue I faced was the container that they have offered. Due to the cold weather in Delhi the oil was all solid inside the bottle and because of its small opener I had a tough time drilling out the frozen oil substance to heat it. Otherwise I loved how healing it was for my hair with an honest-to-goodness fragrance. I think it can be very useful in summer for an efficient weekend self care routine because oiling is something you cannot afford to miss out on and you must grab a product that is derived from all the goodness of age old natural oils.

The Good – Healthy boost, Simple and normal fragrance but extraordinary benefits, Promotes hair growth, Keeps scalp dandruff free, Nourishing

The Not So Good – Container unsuitable for winter temperature

Shudhvi Naturals Handmade After Bath Beauty Oil 

Price – INR 194

Quantity – 50ml

Product Description and Experience – Loaded with nutrients and vitamins, made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives and packed in love this small bottle arrives in a standard greenish + khaki cover and is filled with rich content.

It is a  luxurious everyday use beauty oil with a non-sticky formula. It was rejuvenating and uplifting to massage on my skin after bath. It had a light fragrance and it helped in moisturizing my skin without the need of any body lotion or cream. Its a natural way of protecting your skin from impurities and pollution. The issue I faced was again with the container, had a good time pulling out the frozen oil from the bottle. But otherwise the oil is a good therapeutic product which ensures you feel nourished after application.

The Good – Herbal, Absorbs quickly, Removes puffiness, Brings Radiance, Keeps the skin nourished and hydrated, Controls dryness, Keeps the skin firm, Helps in recovery of skin problems

The Not So Good – Bottle Container

Hope you enjoyed the reviews, overall Shudhvi products are natural and pure and one must give this beauty brand a try.



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