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Discovering “Desi Roots” in Saket!

Discovering “Desi Roots” in Saket!

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Desi Roots is a theme based cafe & bar that unites Indian traditional cuisine with a modern angle. It has a good mix of Absolute Desi/Indian elements married with a host of retro and modern ones that truly complement each other.

My Experience 

The spacious, intriguing, welcoming ambiance of the place made me go “wow” the second I entered. The quirky interiors, presentation and up-cycling of the vintage products was fascinating to witness. It took me back to my childhood days when the world existed without technology and drama. There was a peaceful layer of old culture with perfected organization of elements that will make you feel nostalgic and you will think to yourself “where are we heading with all the materialistic unreasonable desires?

It will also ignite the creative instinct in you and you would love to take some ideas back home to create your own old school corner. Find some designs below –

desi roots review

dddesi rootsTalking About Food 

Desi Roots aspires to highlight the culinary diversity of our country viz-a-viz a gamut of regional recipes and ingredients, innovative presentations, a melange of flavors, carefully balanced spices and modern culinary practices.  

They have fun names for their dishes on the menu like warm samosa deconstruct,  jamaluddin ki kheer from Badal Beg Masjid, Old Delhi,  kasundi fish tinkkas with “babloo” sauce and claims to provide you with out-of-the-box presentation for your dining experience.

They have options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Me being a plant eater I tried some of their veg offerings and honestly, wasn’t impressed much. I totally adore the way they did plating for each food item with mason jars, cute little buckets, serving main course in a truck shaped toy tray and other enchanting efforts to assemble together an international experience. But if you are really hungry this classy experience won’t suffice your stomach due to less portions and basic taste, because “desi” here is not about tadak-dhadak achaari taste but about minimal balanced culinary that will give a “COOL” tag to the Indian eatery.

They also have this unconventional ‘Lock and Key’ ritual, wherein every check at the restaurant gets a lock and key that the patron puts around the jaali and leave messages on it, thereby creating and harnessing a bond between you and the restaurant.

IMG_20150319_205930Toboulleh Kachumbar Dhokla With Grilled Spicy Watermelon – INR 215

IMG_20150320_234830~2Dal Sabzi Ghar Di – black dal and aloo wadiya sabzi INR 395


(Left to right) Desi Champagne, Warm Galawati Pate with Jimmikand, Warm Samosa Deconstruct With Aam Papad Chutney


Cost – INR 2000 for two!

Would I recommend?

For the experience – Yes

For Food – May be not!

Where – Behind Select City Walk Mall, Saket, New Delhi


All in all the place is a great choice for an evening conversation and subtle discussions and I guess they have more choices for non-vegetarians. You can visit them for a different experience and “take me back” feeling but I wonder if you will walk out full and happy without being heavy on your pockets!



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