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Embrace The Chaos| How Am Dealing With Stress & Overwhelm!

Embrace The Chaos| How Am Dealing With Stress & Overwhelm!

Life is a whirlwind of situations and experiences that are always pushing us to do our best and become more than who we really think we are. Universe knows the fact that we can handle it, there is potential resting within us and we have an inner warrior embellished with courage, bravery and confidence. But we personally, have no freaking idea about that being or energy; we get overwhelmed, anxious and troubled so easily and allow stress to control our lives badly. I have been personally going through a set of problems that cooked a lot of anxiety in my own life and I was taken aback. I knew it was temporary and things will pass but when I was stuck in that zone, I just wanted to explode.

If you look at STRESS,  its nothing more than a chemical equation in the body. The moment we feel we are out of control or things are not happening the way we want them to happen or when expectations are broken and hearts sink – stress shows up with a “fight or flight” mode and releases adrenaline and cortisol in the body. Its a very effective and protective mechanism which helps us in coping up with dangerous situations but if we keep on extending and releasing those chemicals on a daily basis; we end up affecting our physical and psychological health along with our relationships with others.

While I was feeling the chaos, I remembered this video I watched by Sadhguru which completely changed my perspective about the concept of stress. He said that we really need NOT  to manage stress because it’s not precious to us. All we require is to manage our own system, “BE” and operate consciously and own our power to act according to the demand of the situation. Profound, isn’t?

Hence, following are my seven tips to get yourself together to show up with an attitude of a warrior and not a victim –  


Those moments of utter silence and spaces between the thoughts can really change and alter your mental synergy. Meditation can help you observe things differently and allow your intuitive powers to guide you. Sometimes, all we need is stillness and things fall in place.


Moving your body is essential because you want to produce different reactions and hormones and that happens only when you deliberately change your thoughts and energy. Yoga has always helped me to get my life together, try a simple surya namaskar and you will see the difference for yourself.


We usually don’t feel any appetite when we are lost in our thoughts. Try to eat healthy, high vibration fruits and veggies that can make you feel good and happy.  Feeding yourself right leads to thinking right!


Water is a very economical and tremendous healer. I end up taking long showers whenever I am having a bad day and the moment I come out; I feel rejuvenated, energetic and refreshed.

Laugh It Out

Watch hilarious videos and let your hair down. Move out, meet friends and laugh at your fears or troubles. This is a great practice that can prove to be very beneficial in a long run. We take life too seriously and moments like these can blast off our small world.

Act Like Your Best Self

Its all a calculation of how you solve problems. Life is always gong to throw one or the other issue in front of you and all you have to do is “BE” bigger than it. Do the best you can in situations and let them make you learn your lessons.


Ditch your cell phone, social media and go out in nature to disconnect and bounce back. Whenever we are stressed we seek other people and their suggestions but that makes us a victim. Just disconnect and decide for yourself!

So, how do you keep yourself intact in difficult situations? Do share your thoughts below!



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