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“Everyone Can Heal” – Author Interview With Sonia Mackwani

“Everyone Can Heal” – Author Interview With Sonia Mackwani

Sonia - everyone can heal

 Tell us something about yourself, Sonia! 

 This question has always made me nervous. I am still searching to tell  what I know about myself. Perhaps our identities are revealed in the work  we do. But in short, the word close to me is – ‘freedomnist,’ the one who  finds eternal presence of God, the Source or whatever we call that higher  force; in ‘freedom.’

So here it is. I am a Founder-Director of Touching Lives; a Non-  profit organization based in Mumbai, working for Education,  Empowerment & Enlightenment of children. It started in 2003 with  this foundational belief inside me that –‘ It is completely our need to serve, than saying, we serve the needy.’ I have done my Masters in Clinical Psychology & Hypnotherapy. Am an Author of three books so far, the first two being the twin books – Tales from Indian Mythology-Mahabharata & Ramayana for children and Ramayana, that fetched me some funds to register Touching Lives as an official organization. ‘Everyone Can Heal’ is my first debut- nonfiction/self-help. Apart from this I am also a Psychic Healer & Channel, an Artiste with Times Music (Wellness) & an aspiring film-maker.

We can’t wait to know about your newly published book “Everyone Can Heal”, what is it all about? 

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Everyone Can Heal is a non-fiction/Self-help book that shares more than 75 hands-on tools to healing oneself, personal relationships and loved ones. There are three books in one:

Book 1 – Connecting Process – Healing Oneself

Book 2 – You & I are Beautiful – Healing Relationships

Book 3- Being There – Healing Loved Ones.

Each book has healing processes for 21 days. Whether one is a beginner in the world of healing or an expert, whether one is seeking to evolve and grow on the path, or looking for turning things around in life, the book provides guided processes for the same. All the processes are channelled from the Source.

You learn to heal your own life by using the tools mentioned. Whether the ailment is physical, emotional, mental , spiritual, the book helps you to connect with the divine with you and to align yourself in the universal work. It gives you courage to transforming your personal loving relationships, thus inviting you to change your life at the cellular level and program yourself with new patterns that helps you and your beloved. Together you contribute on this planet. Knowing our purpose in life is certainly a question- Book 3, brings you in the unity of your connection with your mother, father, ancestors and through them to the larger purpose of universe. You learn to heal your basic fundamental relationships through the processes and raise your consciousness and awareness. In the process – YOU WILL GROW BEING YOU~

The book says 21 days of guided healing processes, is there a significance of the number 21 here?

21 Days, as I have learned, experienced and felt that it changes the neurological pathways in our brain. These many number of days allows body system to get accustomed to associating, connecting and thus, making you to do the task effortlessly. But yes, the book has many processes that can be done more than once and for number days (guided).

Who should pick this book? 

The book was written with the realization that everyone on this planet can heal. Everyone has the ability to transform their lives; to connect to the visible and the invisible world and to cross the bridge between them through their senses , their intuitions, their feelings and stronger urges to walk on the path. I feel the book is for everyone who can hear the calling within and requires support to just get to the bridge. It is for the people, whose life purpose and work is evolution. For the ones, who are looking to be healers and ones, who are looking to lead a better , conscious and healthy life. It is for those, who want to experience the oneness with the world and use the art of togetherness to contribute on this planet. Contribute to you and me. And for those, who would pick the book – and say – this is not for them; it invariably will help them to get aware of what they aren’t looking for in their lives. And lastly, for the one who wants to make deeper connection, love and have orgasm with the Divine soul within.

What do you think is the biggest block in the healing process and how to overcome it?

I cannot address what could be the biggest block in the healing process, because sometimes the biggest block (as we perceive and which may not be a block for others) is the biggest thing that may be happening to someone for their life lessons. Healing is all about giving time, space, energy and presence to oneself and others. One is responsible for one’s own healing. The book does share ‘Afterward’ and ‘FAQs’ that helps to get aware of the wisdom to such blocks.

What inspired you to write this book?

Everyone Can Heal is an organic book. In January 2013, I was going to be entering into the space of healing retreat at my home for myself. A friend of mine asked if she could join too and if I could send her healing process that gets channelled. It came to me to share the wisdom with many and so, I shared it on Facebook, if people would like to join the processes for 21 days. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who joined for the Connecting Process- Healing Oneself. Over a period of time, many started sharing their stories of recovery and discovery and how they would love to heal their relationships and thus, the next cycle began. Many people shared the challenges they have with their parents and how they would like to cure, heal,restore their lives. In that moment, I actually felt that each one should at least know one form of healing or therapy to help the dear ones during such critical times. We are indeed natural healers and I wondered, how over a period of time, the powers have become latent but we all have it inside us. Thus, I thought, I shall make an e-book and to let each one know they can actually heal and that, the tools are available in the book. There is healer within themselves. I informally wrote to a publisher expecting only to share how to get an e-book done. I was surprised when he shared that, he would be interested in this vision and if I would like to write a full-fledged book. And thus, this is how ‘EVERYONE CAN HEAL’ was born. The journey that just began with an intention of self-work and healing actually became a contribution. By March 2013, I already had my contracts in hand. What inspired me was that it was a continuous message for me to let the world know they can heal and that, we are moving towards larger shifts in the universe. We are all an important part of the universe.

What are your thoughts on self-love and how do you relish in it? 

Technically, it is hard for me to only love myself. Now, when I ponder on the concept of ‘self-love,’ it tells me that I have time and again changed the definition of self, changed the definition of love. Sometimes, loving others around you, loving the work you, loving the little things that shows up in life, loving the act of forgiveness, the act of letting go, the act of improvising yourself, the act of centering oneself in chaos and conflict that brings out the stronger you leads you to ‘self-love.’ And sometimes, consciously touching your body, your soul, your nakedness, uncovering yourself to lead a life of honest and truth in which the world can reflect itself is ‘self-love.’ And I like these changing definitions. It shows me what else is possible with my being.

Beautiful, can you share your favorite excerpt from the book?

I wouldn’t say this is my best excerpt, but this is what is showing up right now to share on this platform.

‘Commitment’ to something was always a huge challenge for me. But over a period of time while sharing the healing processes and learning about people’s transformational experiences, I wondered about ‘Freedom.’ I realized and learned that freedom was not the opposite of commitment. It was not contradictory. And that more committed I went in sharing the processes with people, the more liberated I felt in the process. I was seeing that this commitment was leading people to be free. The taste of it was so meaningful and that my life was changing its own meaning.

Rapid Fire

  • Favourite Author – Paulo Coelho, Fynn, Richard Bach, Ronnie Screwvala, Rumi
  • My purpose in life – is to become an energy of love, time and again, turning and tossing, from everywhere- be that energy of love
  • I write because – it is me
  • Law of attraction – YAY or NAY – No laws….just love!
  • To heal – is to ascend to another you
  • Namaste Happiness is – Ruchika Batra’s beautiful dream & I’m with it always!

Thank you so much for your precious time and kindness Sonia, we loved sharing this space with you. For anyone who wants to connect with her, please do so on the facebook page of Toucing Lives. You can buy the book “Everyone Can Heal – 21 Days Of Guided Healing Processes” from Amazon here



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