By Ruchika Batra

#FeedToDefeat Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

#FeedToDefeat Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer affecting women at a ratio which has overtaken the cervical cancer. And as a part of the Breast Cancer Awareness month this Pink October, I supported Medela India in their noble cause of #FeedToDefeat campaign organized in Connaught place New Delhi.

Medela is the industry leader and the primary supplier of technologically advanced, superior-quality breastpumps and breastfeeding accessories to nursing mothers around the world. They have a wide range of breastfeeding accessories and spare parts that support and enhance the breastfeeding experience. With the sole motive and vision of creating awareness and encouraging women to take preventive measures for Breast Cancer in India, Medela joined hands together with the most fun and enthralling “Raahgiri Day”movement to bring together women from all age groups to observe this initiative with great surprises!

The activity witnessed women signing a pledge on a giant pink balloon to opt and support “breastfeeding” to reduce the risk of this  life-threatening disease hitting both in developed and developing countries. There was also a special musical performance by a rock band on the importance of breastfeeding with the song titled ‘Magic of Mother’s Milk’ which got some of the ladies tapping their feet and enjoy the rock show with their families.

It was astonishing to see how Delhi people geared up for the Raahgiri Day and showed up with complete enthusiasm and spirit to enjoy their Sunday differently while supporting this Breast Cancer Awareness  activity with noteworthy  participation. Over 250 pledges were recorded with personal thoughts, health benefits of breastfeeding and willingness to choose a healthier lifestyle. The support also came in the form of  young girls endorsing the event with a selfie, men extending their gratitude, mothers happily posing with pink balloons and kids writing their names as they played around. Find the photo diary of the whole campaign below –

DSC_5360-01 breast cancer awareness

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DSC_5397-01 DSC_5381-01

Be healthy, stay strong and say NO to Breast cancer because your well-being will reflect on everyone around you. So, start taking care of yourself today! 



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