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Flea @ Select CITYWALK {Shopping Tips}

Flea @ Select CITYWALK {Shopping Tips}

Shopping is therapy, I prefer to call myself a shoptimistic than a shopaholic! Its fun to explore the varieties, the massive creativity, the different items and amazing collection the world has to offer and embrace each one of them in every aspect. I recently visited the Flea @ Night Market in Select CITYWALK which is more like an urban and indie shopping destination, catering all age groups and styles. It is one of the most famous events in Select CITYWALK which is hosted every Wednesday and is quite a happening thing to experience. There are tonnes of kiosks and stalls with so much pop-out color and music accompanied with great deals from luxury brands to local manufacturers.

You will find the crowd to be all young and chilled out, though the Flea market is perfect for family getaways too. You can shop for clothes, accessories, semi-precious jewelry, home, get some gift items for your loved ones or just enjoy a mid-week fun hangout with your friends. I realized there was a lot to discover and I have got some cool tips covered for you that you can try if you wish to visit and explore it next week or next to next week or any of the Wednesday in the near future.

{Let’s Begin}




Tip 1# Please carry sunglasses/glares 

The flea market is right in the porch area of  Select CITYWALK, so you want to make sure that you have something that can help you beat the deadly heat of our city. To be a little more fancy, you can opt for a sexy hat too that matches your outfit and gives you that extra oomph or visit it around late evening only. The Flea @ Nite Market runs from 4-11 pm!




Tip 2# Reach Your Balance 

I found this stunning over-sized tee while strolling around and being a major yoga lover that I am, I have to throw out some practical wisdom with it. Reach your balance, be attentive while shopping and don’t get excited when you see something fancy and I promise you, you will encounter a lot of that stuff. Buy those things you need and you know you will actually use in your daily life and not just dump in the corner.


Tip 3# Bargain, because YES you can! 

So, this is a chic shopping market for high-end buyers and has a lot of international/branded products to offer but you can bargain at the right shop for the right thing. I tried and bought this vintage wind-chime for half the price. Of course you won’t be able to play this trick at every kiosk but you must try, you never know when you can get lucky!

{Pretty Cutlery – will make a perfect gift for a newly wed couple or for your Mom}

Flea @ Select CITYWALK

Tip 4# Wear comfy shoes/slippers or Buy these! 

By keeping the Flea Night Market at every Wednesday, the Select CITYWALK officials have at least assured you  that there will be no hustle and struggle in finding the parking space. But when it comes to walking around and digging the goodness, you have to do it on your own, so wear some breathable, comfortable shoes that can assist you in ambling and wandering or steal these glittery flat ballerinas from there itself!

Flea @ Select CITYWALK {Shopping Tips}Tip 5# Be Jazzy, have FUN

The whole idea of visiting the Flea in the middle of your already occupied week should be to have fun, turn up the good emotions and root out for something that can light you up till you hit the weekend. Try some new cafes  and wind up your day with happiness. Here are some healthy options as well. 

Enjoy this new weekly affair and let me know how it goes for you 🙂



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