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From Fat To Fit – Get Inspired By A Reality Show On Fitness!

From Fat To Fit – Get Inspired By A Reality Show On Fitness!

Taking you on a life changing journey of 19 contestants, Tetley Green Tea in association with Jossbox.com brings you”The Transformation“, a one of its kind reality web series that follow folks from varied backgrounds as they go from fat to fighting fit, achieving their fitness goals and transforming their lives from inside out. Under the guidance and mentor ship of ex-boxer and soldier, Austin Prakesh; these interesting yet random people are all set to break their comfort zones and work on their highest potential at the  Fitness Fight Club and Circuit Force, a martial arts gym and a functional fitness training centre in Bangalore, India.

The moment I got to know about this fascinating concept, I was highly intrigued and excited to watch it all. The series has a lot to offer with health tips on how to lead a great lifestyle and what it takes to really control your mind and body because it’s not that easy to transform yourself. One requires a lot of strength, willingness, consistency and a passion to endure the process filled with challenges and pattern breaking endeavors. This show will give you a glimpse of those attempts, emotions and struggles to expect on this path and still bounce back with a never ending courageous attitude. As your attitude and approach is what really determines the fitness journey along with the right eating habits and lifestyle changes and what better than learning it and experiencing it virtually.

The Transformation will challenge you as you witness these people and walk with their confessions, eliminations and success moments sitting on a couch at the comfort of your home. It’s an inspiring show in which you can relate yourself with the person on the other side of the screen and get to know all about their diets, exercise routines, fitness programs they are following so you can resonate and change your own life too. From an entrepreneur to an event manager to a musician, make-up artist, food blogger and more these people are all united with a mission to burn fat and take the charge of their self and body image. You can easily create a connection with any of these participants as they are all different yet has the same destination to achieve.

The show will drive you to get on your feet and really  shine like you own it. I am so thrilled  to start it and get my dose of fitness experience. I am very selective of what I feed my brain with, I don’t watch news or television as such but am a great fan of movies and TV series that have substance and can add value to my life. “The Transformation” looks like the ONE!

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Stay Fit, Stay Inspired! 



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