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Gyms Kook {Punjabi Bagh, Delhi}

Gyms Kook {Punjabi Bagh, Delhi}

(This place is CLOSED)

Gyms Kook, an unconventional eating out place for the fitness freaks, health enthusiasts, the modern generation of people seeking a combination of taste and health on one platter. Opened recently in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, Gyms Kook is one of its kind cafe that provides you with a massive menu of food choices that are customized with right ingredients, quality procedures and healthy replacements that can fill your stomach in a balanced way before or after a good workout session. I really loved the concept that these bunch of people have come up with, because in our city we don’t have many choices when it comes to healthy food but worry not, Namaste Happiness aims at bringing you all the updates on living a happier and a healthier lifestyle.

Gyms kook is that one place that will infuse a burst of energy in you, motivate you and lay out a clean space which is filled with minimal interiors and lively music.


The entrance holds a big banner that says “Bite Into Fitness” and you will literally feel the amalgamation of the essence of fitness and scrumptious food. There is an activity corner, salad bar, structured sitting area with table chair and couch corner. You will find a neon bike on the ceiling, right on the top of your head as you step inside that looks super cool and a wall filled with inspiring quotes on living and eating clean and fresh.


The menu is huge and let me warn you – there are tons of choices and varieties to choose from on a very economical rate, so you can go on trying a new dish each day for the next  30-45 days. They have different categories for food offerings such as muscle gain, fat loss, energy booster etc and they are all mentioned on the first page so when you choose a meal you can equate it with your body needs. Also, all the nutritional values are stated clearly on the menu itself. 

IMG_20150615_180351~2I started with an “All Berry Bang” smoothie which is a mix of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, yogurt & ice and it tasted super yum! Priced at just INR 159, its totally worth it. Its refreshing, fulfilling and really really lip smacking (also it matched my nail color).


Then came the Veg Taco Shells: Mixture of mushroom, zuchhini, tomato, onion & bell peppers with mexican herbs topped with salsa and cilantro/filled in tortillas

Cal:250 Protein:18g Carbs:40g fat:2g

INR 199


These wholewheat shells were packed with veggies and were accompanied with a salsa sauce that was different and really distinct in its flavor. I would prefer it in my lunch anytime.


I also tried the Vegetable Ragout – a high fibre vegetable dish served with brown rice
Cal: 280, Protein: 26g, Carbs: 35g, Fat: 10g
INR 339
I am totally going back to Gyms kook and dig this again because this one was my favorite dish. I love vegetables and simple food options with subtle flavors and less spices. This vegetable Ragout fulfilled all of my cravings!
For a sweet ending, I opted for a blueberry no cheesecake (INR – 159) which was really luscious and had an ultra-fine sugary touch.  I would recommend Gyms Kook to anyone who is interested in eating a mouthful of healthiness. They have both veg and non-vegetarian varieties ranging from detox juices, protein shakes to substantial starters and main course meals that will leave you awestruck with their quick and kind service.
(FYI- This is not a sponsored post considering I love everything about them) 

IMG_20150615_184714Gyms kook is soon launching its Delivery Chain in Gurgaon for all you corporate people who are passionate about healthy and delicious food. I have also heard that they will be coming out with an application for food ordering and services. So, do watch out for this amazing brand because they have a lot of goodness to offer 🙂

My Rating – 4.5/5*

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