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Hiking & Running Tips With Decathlon Warm Up Edition 1

Decathlon is one of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers. It’s literally a mall for all your sporting and fitness needs, the moment you walk into their giant space you are sure to swoon over the variety of advanced gear that can blow your mind. My first ever visit to Decathlon in Bangalore left me overwhelmed with enthusiasm, a kick in my stomach and a bike in my hands that I purchased after spending hours inside. You can watch that vlog here.

And, last week I got an opportunity to attend the exclusive WARM UP workshop with Decathlon Sohna Road, Gurgaon  with two amazing experts Chetan Sehgal, a Hiker and Captain Dharmveer, a Running enthusiast who shared their experiences, tips and shed light on their mistakes, failures and their passionate journey of following their bliss. They both come from a humble background and are common people like us, they have the same routines, same limitations, same responsibilities but are doing something apart from their daily schedules that can make them happy and active. They are investing in their well-being everyday without fail which we often think isn’t possible!

To motivate and excite that same passion in all of us, they both gave us plenty of information and here is the teaser video of the workshop but because the audio wasn’t captured properly, I am sharing a couple of Hiking & Running tips as stated by the experts down below. Of course the energy of their words and their story made all the difference but I hope you do find something useful from this list.

HIKING TIPS BY Chetan Sehgal

  • Don’t buy your shoes today and go for a hike tomorrow, break them with daily use.
  • Don’t pack 20-25kgs if you are going for 4-5 days hike! Stick to the limit of 15Kgs
  • Pack your heavy items closer to your back, make sure that the bag is steady and is not falling forward or backward once placed on the floor.
  • Whatever you need to access quickly as you begin your hike like your packed lunch, an extra layer to cover up or a jacket if you are cold then put that in the middle of your bag so it’s easier for you to find.
  • Dismantle your tent and pack it inside your bag in a balanced ratio.
  • Carefully wrap pins and other items that can puncture your bag.
  • Wear your backpack in such a way that 90% of the weight is on your hip muscles and not on your legs or back.
  • Stretch your body with every pit stop.
  • If you are beginner, go for a guided/supported hike first and then take up self-supporting hikes!
  • Don’t worry about the jargon’s, just follow the basic guide, do your research properly and make it happen!
  • Be kind to whoever you meet in your journey!

Running Tips By Captain Dharamveer

  • Don’t ditch yourself, it’s the easiest thing to do. When you commit on running for 5 kms or whatever then do it!
  • Listen to your body, give it what it needs. Don’t push yourself on a bad day, the idea is to have fun while running!
  • Running is the most easiest sport you can add into your daily life.
  • As a runner, don’t wear too many layers even when it’s cold!
  • Set your own benchmarks – You can train your body and mind diligently, you don’t have to drink water or eat a protein bar with every KM; it’s all about how you train yourself!
  • Use surgical tape around your toes or nipples to avoid friction and blisters.
  • Special compression socks or blisters free socks are also available in the market to help you avoid cramps and blisters.
  • Know your landing!
  • Hydration is very important but create your own benchmarks!
  • Wear a Bandana to protect yourself from dust and sweat while keeping yourself warm and stylish!
  • Most of all run for yourself, you can definitely brag your distance covered but DO IT FOR YOURSELF first!

Hope you enjoyed this post, do share in the comments below if you have anything to add 🙂 and yes definitely visit the Decathlon store if you ever need some sort of fitness motivation! They also have a couple of free groups to support the community that you can join and meet like-minded people. 

Check out their Facebook Page here.



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