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How To Balance Eating Habits & Lifestyle?

How To Balance Eating Habits & Lifestyle?

We have a love affair with junk food and unconditional relationship with all things unhealthy. With the kind of lifestyle we all lead while working tirelessly in corporate jobs or running start-ups or just going out and about our days, we are constantly feeding ourselves with toxic meals and denying what our body really needs. On a daily basis, we opt for certain substances that we clearly know will not do any good to us. However, we need regular reminders and someone to push us and help us to add that extra bit of nutritional element in our diets, or to drink some more water or replace that fatty burger with a bowl of salad to make subtle changes for our well-being. To give you that motivation again, here are six awesome tips to balance eating habits &  lifestyle without being too hard or pushy and still not majorly compromising on either:

Reduce Sugar Intake – Your body doesn’t really need all that sugar because it can cause you more harm than make you feel pleasant or sweet. Try reducing the amount of sugar before you clearly cut it off to make it an easier lifestyle change. Drink less of sodas and fizzy drinks, and yes, no artificial sweeteners please.

Drink Water From Your Favorite Tumbler – Water is the most amazing element that not only removes all the toxic particles and enhances the digestion process but also gets your skin all glowing and radiant. It’s essential to drink water as much as you can, and when you do that from your favorite tumbler or any of your preferred vessel, you attach an emotional bond and accountability to it. You feel good and there is a sense of connection that gets formed, try it out once and you will see the magic.

Replace Cookies With Nuts & Salads – For your snacking time with the bundle of joy, replace those chocolate cookies and wafers with walnuts, sprouts, almonds and all other good basket options. Give yourself a chance to get entertained by something crispy yet healthy. Try experimenting with salads: mix flavors, colors, and have a wholesome and high-vibe evening meal.

Try Food Meditation – Food meditation may sound like a tedious process and come across as something that would require you to sit on the floor, eat with hands and focus on breath and all that jazzy attributes. But worry not, anything you do with focus is meditation. You don’t have to necessarily follow a strict process; all you have to do is inculcate your presence and mind to it. When you eat with such an approach, you make sure you are feeding yourself the right meals; also, make sure you chew your food sufficiently, which would in turn quell your hunger. There is focus and gratitude and you engage in good food habits.

360 Degree Radical Approach Towards Health: Only if you worship your body will your mind be your slave. However, the moment you get careless, you plan for failures from all aspects. Have a radical approach towards healthy living with everything organized and carefully designed for future. The way you have career goals, try health goals too, and do your best to attain them. That doesn’t just entail availing a gym membership or yoga class but also assures you of a great life. Go for a general health insurance policy such as ICICI Lombard Health Insurance plan, and secure yourself from those unforeseen misfortunes. Always visit your doctor regularly and keep tab on what’s happening inside you.

Add Movement To Your Routine – When it comes to creating a good balance between food and lifestyle, movement needs to be taken in consideration very importantly. If you cannot exercise regularly, then go for a walk. Calculate your steps with fitness apps and have the company of friends. Get running buddies because whenever there is competition, we always choose to get better no matter if we win or lose.

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