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How to make the Ultimate Smoothie Bowl In Just 2 Minutes! Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I love having a fulfilling, healthy yet a little bit fancy breakfast everyday. Even if I am running late to work or I have an important call to attend, I will make sure that I reach out for some quick yet healthy meals.

And one thing in particular has become my favourite these days- it is is my obsession with smoothies and smoothie bowls. Throw in some fruits or greens, a bit of chia seeds, sometimes oats, milk or curd and you are all set to kickstart your day right.

Smoothies are filled with essential nutrients, packed with perfect proteins, superfoods and vitamins. They taste amazing and look deliciously great.  Oh, and did I mention in just 2 minutes you will have an Instagram worthy food right in front of you.

I am crazy about smoothies and I can surely say that once you have them for breakfast, you will feel the surge of good energy which will keep you full for a longer time leaving you with no hunger pangs.

So, here it is – check out my recent video of this super easy mixed berry smoothie bowl you can prepare in two minutes- your perfect healthy breakfast!

Tastes yum, right?

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