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I Will Go With You – The Flight Of A Lifetime

I Will Go With You – The Flight Of A Lifetime

“I will go with you – The flight of a lifetime” is a lighthearted yet racy and inspirational book written by Priya Kumar. Priya is an Indian Motivational speaker, trainer and an award-winning best-selling author. “I will go with you” is her sixth book in a row. She has been on a journey of making people’s lives better from a decade now and has authored some of the most life-changing books like I Am Another You: A Journey to Powerful Break Throughs, License to Live: A Seeker’s Journey to Greatness and The Perfect World: A Journey To Infinite Possibilities.

“I will go with you” is a fictional story about the flight SK502 whose pilot Robert decided to end his life by committing suicide on the day of work risking the lives of 300 passengers on board. There is adventure, pain, love, fun, drama and a hell lot tension. The book brings you face to face with questions that linger in your consciousness long after you have turned the last page. There are few main characters from the row 26 of the flight who are evolved souls and the whole book is weaved around their life, their decisions and their past journeys and how they approach this twist of their end.

Before we really dig into what this book has to offer let me tell you that am usually a voracious reader but from last couple of months I haven’t read anything. I swear by the fact that books come to you, they choose you, the message shows up for you at the right time. And from a long time nothing was showing up for me..until the moment I decided to add book reviews on this lovely space of Namaste Happiness. I approached Priya Kumar later on for her upcoming book and she was kind enough to send me an autographed copy. It took me a few days to really pick and start the book and when I did start it, I finished it in two days, thanks to my still existing fast reading skills. The book acted as an ice-breaker for my reading space.

I grabbed it sitting comfy on the couch with my huge mug of cranberry tea and I was so hooked that I read half of it in one go. The book begins with the introduction of few interesting people who are going to board this flight not knowing that its going to be the last one of their lives. There is a desperate woman, confused woman, successful bachelor, Coming of age teenager, Indian astrologer and a fucked up pilot. The story has been simply written and the language can be comprehended in one go. You will feel the conversation of the author, the characters in a very pleasing easy peasy manner. If you are someone who loves to read heavy books with reflective thoughts then “I will go with you” can be taken as a breather but if you are that being who is starting on his/her personal development journey and is looking for a creative source for the onset of understanding life then this book is a good one for you.

You will feel a strong attachment to the concept of “Life’s Purpose”, You will be left with the value of time and love. You will have a few questions and some pretty good answers. The book won’t take you on a training of sorts or won’t reveal how to expand your horizons or raise your consciousness but it will definitely allow you to immerse in them later on. It will trigger some parts only you can heal and seek from within. You will like the book for its very plain composition but if you are someone who has been on this journey from a long time it won’t offer a big deal of concepts to play with.

Enjoy the book because it will take you on a ride of your own and will keep you energetic and wanting more and more as you turn every page. What happens in the end will leave you awestruck and the dichotomy of the pilot’s decisions will flabbergast you and there will come a point where you will expect everything to be going good but that’s when things will surprise you.

The whole plot comes with a few nuggets in between, my favorites are listed below..feel free to tweet the ones you like 🙂

You can pick the book here..BTW what are you currently reading? Share with me in comments below?



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