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Do THIS Instead of Setting Up A New Year Resolution

Do THIS Instead of Setting Up A New Year Resolution

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Damn, 2015 is just around the corner and I am still soaking myself up in the chaos that has led me here. It’s kinda very stressed out holiday season for me but I hope you are having a blast for yourself though! I find these goodbye days to be a very meaningful and reflective period that allow you to immerse in the budding evolutionary phase. So it becomes a kind of a ritual to indulge in setting goals, making resolutions (that don’t work), meeting friends, having a redecoration of dreams and business plans and just a whole new mood of rejuvenating everything around. I know you are grown up enough to confront the fact that resolutions or the statements we promise ourselves don’t work at all and are just another idiotic thing we do to ourselves. I would like to share a concept that I have been religiously following from last two years and I think it is much better than shattering your being in failed attempts at resolutions and big goals. It’s called “WORD OF THE YEAR” !!!! Ting ting tiding!

You simply choose a word that is the theme for your 365 days and it guides you all around. It can be a major word with a heavy meaning or it can be just something silly that you like and would want to be reminded of. It can be fun or really serious.  It can be about your goal or it can just be your bounce back trick. Whatever you choose, you just swear by it, that’s the whole point that matters.

It’s THE word that invites you step into a bigger version of yourself and permits you to feel the grandness and goodness of your life.

It inspires your weekdays and weekends, it uplifts you and it is something you want to see yourself living by the end of the next year.

It brings up the core feelings that you seek for yourself desperately.

If you want to choose your WORD, consider asking yourself a few of these questions.

  • How do I want to feel in 2015? (RELAXED, ALIGNED, HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL? )
  • What do I need more of? (VALUE, JOY, FUN, SUPPORT?)
  • What am I ready to give myself in this coming year? (SELF-LOVE, EVOLUTION, FUN, RELATIONSHIP?)
  • What do I want to experience? (FRIENDS, SUCCESS, SPIRITUALITY, GROWTH?)
  • I see 2015 to be ………..
  • What word would weave my new story?

You might find a common theme or word popping in your head again and again while asking these questions, that’s your mission! Just know that this word will be a breath of fresh air in the days ahead! So, choose wisely and happily!

Every-time you will hear, see or remind yourself of this word, you will take yourself into a little adventure of your own!


I would love to know your WORD of 2015, comment or better click a picture and tag it to us! It will be amazing if you put up a sticky note with that word in your room or keep it as wallpaper on your phone or do a facebook update!

I can’t wait to read your WORD!

And here is mine –  “SUPPORT” because all I want in this coming year is to support my own being and my desires. Support others and myself in elevating to higher realms!




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