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Inveda BB Cream Review

Inveda BB Cream Review


With gold cap, tangerine and mocha vibrancy and golden logo, this beauty tube looks Indian and rich. The Inveda’s BB cream comes as “Paraben Free”.

What is Paraben if you may ask?

In health and beauty sector parabens are group of chemicals widely used in everyday products. Skincare, cosmetics, moisturizers, body lotions and other related commodities.  Beauty brands use parabens to extend the shelf life of products and prevent growth of bacteria and fungi. Apart from the harmful skin allergies, paraben reportedly leads to breast cancer and fertility issues. Something to worry about!

So, always look out for products which are paraben free.

Talking about the brand in review, Inveda is an amalgamation of two words “Infusion” and “Ayurveda’.  They reiterate that Ayurveda defines beauty as transforming all aspects of body and mind to the most auspicious level called “subhangakaranam”. The foundation of Inveda is the infusion of natural ingredients with the beauty secrets of Vedas, to produce a unique range of “healthy beauty” products. Hence it infuses the age old wisdom from the Vedas with the therapeutic and regenerative qualities intrinsic in natural extracts.

This enchanting BB cream is your small resource for everyday care from that amalgamation. It contains SPF 20 and is sealed as 8 in 1. The packaging is quite attractive and impressive with all those colors and portable lovely looks.

The smell of the cream approached me in a ladder of surprises. As I opened the product it was mild and pleasant but after application it was a little strong. It had a likeable overpowering smell of a foundation. I usually love organic products because of their richness and auras. This one however is a happy product but it won’t give you a vibe of “everything organic”. Its even good for a reason that you don’t want to smell like a herb if you apply it and go to a cocktail party!

The texture of the cream is perfect in its blend. It is easy to apply, soaks in the skin quickly, a little dab is enough and leaves your skin soft and smooth. Inveda BB cream promises to cover blemishes and spots. It left no white patches and was evenly distributed on my skin.

I would say it is one BB cream you can use on an everyday basis, it is light and dewy. It gets your face a fresh look and is convenient to carry in a small pouch. It constitutes turmeric extracts, soothing ingredients and moisturizing substances. It really is a good product!

Final take-away – Inveda BB cream is a budget-friendly, portable, soft BB cream. Available in two varieties, it is a must-have for everyday whereabouts. If you have major skin issues to hide then you might want to use other harsh BB creams available but this product is made for making your skin and personality glow a little bit more. The paraben free point is awesome. It is a great beauty product with added advantages of natural extracts. If you have never tried a BB cream before this one is the best to give a shout out. And if you already have one in your vanity, this small package comes with a lot of great advantages!

Price – INR 140 for 15 ml

Available here

 What is your take on BB creams?



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