By Ruchika Batra

It’s My Turn!

It’s My Turn!

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I remember that wide smile on my dad’s face when he was arranging my wedding events. His unconditional love, financial and moral support, his nurturing eyes and his generous and kind demeanor makes me wonder how parents don’t leave any stone unturned to fulfill the dreams of their children. From the day we are born they are hustling and struggling to provide us with the best of resources, they want us to have and enjoy every single asset and moment of life which they couldn’t afford or appreciate. They will run miles to become the catalyst of our growth, success and happiness and they will never utter a single word. They will never share their pain, they will starve to provide us food, and they will swallow their tears and walk like nothing happened. No matter how much we take them for granted; they never cease to surprise us with their unconditional love.

Although, they act and behave like super humans; it’s time we realize that they need our care too. They need our support, interaction and healing touch. What makes them happy is our time and attention. Whenever I sat down with my dad to hear his stories, life events that transformed him; he expressed his heart out. He had so much to talk about and all he needed was a listening ear.  We scream, shout and throw all sorts of tantrums on our parents but when we go back to them; they always welcome us with open arms and no grudges.

Now, it’s our turn to give back to them.

We must help them financially, emotionally; psychologically and most importantly we must take care of their health so that they can at last live their life without any stress or tension. Old age is that phase when unexpected things happen and only we as children can practically take some actions to ensure they are safe and secure. I recently came across a lovely initiative by Religare Health Insurance that lets you send a personal message to your parents to let them know “You Care” and pledge for their health and happiness. Visit this link and pen down your thoughts and share it with your mom and dad. You don’t have any idea how happy they will become to see this surprise. We rarely express our gratitude towards them, they have been sacrificing all their lives and this simple message will cheer them up. This campaign is brought to you in regards to the Care Freedom Insurance plan which provides health insurance coverage without any prior medical check-up, ease of cashless settlement and treatment and lifelong renewability.

Our parents will never demand or ask for anything but it’s our responsibility to understand their silence and nurture them like they have been doing for us all their lives. It’s your turn and it’s my turn!! 



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