By Ruchika Batra

Jazzed Up @ Buddh International Circuit!!

Jazzed Up @ Buddh International Circuit!!

When 60+ bloggers from all over India, an amazing brand like Honda Cars and International Buddh Circuit comes together – you can expect creativity explosion, social drama, power-packed action, adventuresome ride and some unbelievable fun that will stir into every single cell of your body and leave you awestruck.  And that’s what exactly happened for me when I attended the ‘Hangout with Honda’ this weekend. 

Being one of the lucky ones to witness the All New Jazz for the first time and getting a chance to drive and be driven at the Formula 1 track was one enthralling experience for me. I had some breath-taking moments that have been captured all right here for you!

The BIG day began with registrations, fascinating and absorbing conversations with fellow bloggers on the table and informative presentation with the Honda India dignitaries who unleashed the first look of the car for us! Jazz is THAT one promising machine with cutting edge technology, sporty looks and elevated functions to blow your mind. Check out the photo diary and my rollicking experience below – 



The look and feel of the all new JAZZ is stylish, vibrant and stunning. It has sporty exteriors with sleek head lamps, LED rear tail lamps, adjustable and fold-able outside mirrors, rear parking camera with multi views and chrome finish. I personally loved the ruby red color that gave me a splendid and edgy first  impression! 

The car you drive speaks a lot about your personal freedom and your efficient choices. Jazz comes with integrated & advanced technology that you would not like to miss on. It has touchscreen panel that makes your life a whole lot easier and convenient. With Integrated radio, auto AC and multi informative combimeter the panel assures smart moves on the go!

I was sitting behind, enjoying the view of the track when my friend Atul Gupta, an automobile enthusiast drove around the daring laps. I loved how spacious interiors were and the comfortable seating that made the moments pass by in a relaxing state. You can even adjust and accommodate the MAGIC seats according to your moods and plans.

I guess Jazz is all set to jazz up your world with its innovative and power-packed performance. I even made a small video with all the snapshots to give you a real life experience. Scroll down and tell me if you loved it? Because I totally DID!

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  • Congrats Ruchika for your New Jazz. The new Jazz is simply awesome. We have enjoyed the similar moments when we own Honda Brio, another cute siblings of Honda. 🙂

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