By Ruchika Batra

Just Existing? Here are 8 Tips To Feel More Alive In Life!

Just Existing? Here are 8 Tips To Feel More Alive In Life!

Bored. Anxious. Restless or stuck? We all have been there! Those days when life seems to be all stagnant and powerless, when nothing goes our way and we slowly lose the zest of waking up. The moments we should have cherished elude in the gloomy umbrella of our day. Here are 8 key tips to feel more alive, add more energy in your day-to-day chores and fulfill your inner needs to externally enjoy the beauty of living. 

#1 Focus on your body

Your body is connected with your mind. If you want to change how you feel about your life then you need to focus on giving your body some attention and your state of mind, your emotions and your feelings will automatically change. I know it’s hard to wake up and go through the entire day with that low energy but if you can just force yourself to take care of your body one minute at a time, you will see the results yourself. If you can be a little considerate and keep a track of what you are eating, how you are sitting or walking; you will be able to make quick shifts. The vitality in your mind depends on the vitality of your physical self.

# 2 Heal the inner child

The numbness of your emotions, the lost direction of your life is all related to the emotional body. As we were growing up, all the experiences led us into who we are right now. The scars we have, the drama we create in our minds can be transformed through a very simple strategy of inner child work. All you have to do is sit in silence, connect with your old memories; the ones that left you feeling unloved, unwanted or bad in some way and hold that child (your old self) with love and tell him/her you are safe. If you are going through a rough phase right now, keep motivating yourself with affirmations and positive self-talks. (Watch my vlog on How to accept your life the way it is here)

#3 Get out into nature

Nature has great healing properties, spend some time outside your home. Fill up your lungs with fresh air, walk barefoot on the grass and be carefree and wild. Let your senses relax, unwind and charge up the goodness of the universe.

#4 Work with a sense of purpose and passion

Money, fame, success and all the outwards achievements can give you temporary satisfaction but what can really help you spring out of your bed everyday with energy is a sense of passion and purpose for your work. If you have that fire in your belly to do something, if you feel that you are a part of a mission; your desire will keep you alive.

#5 Be Child-like, play often

Remember how we were all cheerful and fun, when life was all simple and there were no struggles. Our childhood was so full of freedom, enthusiasm and little things. Bring back those old days, you don’t have to retire from your business or quit your job, you just have to add a little playfulness in whatever you do.

#6 Nourish your mind and have intelligent conversations

The clutter and chaos of our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter keeps us tangled up with senseless information that doesn’t help us evolve or raise our consciousness. To feel more alive in life, we need to constantly update our brains with interesting insights. We have to work on our being and feed our nervous system with meaningful content, listen to path-breaking stories and get motivation from powerful leaders and speakers.

#7 Connect with your inner guidance/god/practice spirituality

We tend to feel empty, scared and small inside if we don’t have a guidance system around, we feel lost because we don’t feel connected to the higher power. If you are losing the willingness to live, then you need to begin a ritual that helps you connect with the universe/god/guru you believe in.  You can start by praying or writing your thoughts down and you will feel a reorder occurring in your life.

#8 Maintain a gratitude journal

Gratitude will help you count your blessings and urge you to look forward to the awesomeness life has in store for you. Appreciate whatever you have and life will give hundred more reasons to enjoy it. Be in the energy and space of gratitude and liveliness will come forward itself.

Do you have any more tips? Do share it in the comments below!

Note: if you are suicidal then please consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. These points are just for people who need a redirection! I am in no form or shape a counselor or doctor.



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