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KronoKare Lavender Range Review

KronoKare Lavender Range Review

Kronokare brings a range of truly affordable, happily packaged SLS and paraben-free products, which allow you to do good both to your skin and the environment.

I have been using and indulging in KronoKare Provencal Lavender range products from last three weeks and I can swear by the beauty and magnificence they have been emitting on my body. I am loving everything about their magic and I cannot wait to shell it out all for you!

The KronoKare Lavender range comes with amazing variety of products, I have in my kit –

  • Raise The Bar – Glycerine Soap 
  • Repair The Hair Shampoo
  • Care To Repair Conditioner
  • Smooth (ening) Operator Body Lotion

Packaging – All their products come in an amazing offbeat plastic bottles. With the simplistic, soft, travel-friendly approach these products are see-through. There is an easy flip up black opener and cute labels. You would love to hold them, take them around because of their natural vibe with modern chic style.

Compact, spill proof, no fancy or cutting edges these bottles are round and sturdy. I personally loved how they have been personalized with names and labels that are really cool and quirky. What I also adore about these products is the fact that they are both Paraben and SLS free. Parabens are group of chemicals that are used to increase the shelf life of a product and SLS or sodium laurilsulfate is a lather producing detergent that is toxic in nature.

Raise The Bar – Glycerine Soap

Price – INR 195

Quantity – 150 gm

This is one of the most amazing and nourishing soaps I have ever used. The massive slab of lavender color with its minimalist flowery smell will leave your skin fresh and smooth. It will moisturize your hands pampering your tips and nails like never before. You won’t need to use any body lotion after application, it won’t dry out and washing your hands will become your favorite thing in the day. Also it is so huge that you can be sure you don’t have to empty your pockets any soon.

Repair The Hair Shampoo

Price – INR 320

Quantity – 220 ml 

I loved the moment I flipped open the bottle only to find the shampoo in a transparent gel form. I liked its smell and was smitten by this line on the back label while reading the instructions – “Squeeze like you mean take a second to say a little prayer because the day is going to be so very fair” You don’t find such an intention setting easily. I was happy and I had high expectations but the lovely shampoo didn’t do any justice to my long tresses. Considering the fact its SLS free, the foaming lather was really less but my hair didn’t respond much well to that newness.

Only after I applied the conditioner, I was a little happy. You can try the shampoo if you are looking for a change or you have medium-length hair.  The care to repair conditioner is of – INR 115 for 60 ml.

Smooth (ening) Operator Body Lotion

Price – INR 345

Quantity – 220 ml

The lavender body lotion is sheer luxury with a guaranteed skin care support. It is mild, soft, spreads evenly, moisturizes and hydrates the skin very easily and conveniently. Can be used in both summer or winter weather and has a subtle smell that penetrates in your skin with an aura of of radiance that will linger for a while. It has a relaxing and rejuvenating feel. You would need only a little bit of it and you are done for the day! I have never come across a body lotion that is smooth and works well on my skin without any dominant scent. This one has proven to be the genie! I have been applying it every night before going to bed and my skin feels really good!

The best thing about KronoKare products is that they accompany each other like good friends would do. Each one of them will meet your skin care and hair care needs perfectly. They can even stand-alone and perform their own role but having a whole bucket is a chic way of pampering yourself. 



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