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Lovely Hair With Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum

Written by Ruchika

Ask any girl!! Good Hair day = Happiness and loads of selfies.

I have started to use all things natural on my head and when I came across Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum (pack of 2)(125ml) I knew it would work well for me. Dr. Batra’s clinic is a trusted name and a leader in the field of Homeopathy, Hair fall and other medical treatments. Though I share the same surname with this amazing health service provider but to clarify I have no relation with them. 🙂

I have been using this serum from last couple of weeks and I have seen drastic changes in hair fall and texture of my hair.

As we all know hair loss is a common and rising problem which is a result of frequent use of chemical styling  hair treatments & products, illnesses, pollution and other lifestyle problems. Being the leader in the hair fall management category, Dr Batra’s introduced its Hair Vitalizing Serum to primarily tackle hair loss problems.

The serum stimulates hair growth thus making it stronger and reduces hair fall and breakage. It is free from chemicals like SLE and Paraben and is formulated with natural actives. The Hair Vitalizing Serum contains Pisum Sativum Sprout Extract that stimulates hair growth at the root and Thuja occidentialis that acts as a natural DHT inhibitor and helps prevent hair loss. The product is enriched with other ingredients such as Capsicum, Ginseng and Hops. This is ideal for people who are suffering from hair loss due to Thyroid & PCOS, anaemia and those with dry & frizzy hair and hair damage due to frequent use of chemically strong hair products.

Priced at INR 550 for 120 ml

The product comes in a very simple and elegant packaging with a simple bottle that has a creative opener which makes it easy to handle and carry around without the fear of leakage or a messy cap. You can use it on damp hair or apply it before sleeping for better results. I used it before going to bed and I liked the way it reduced my hair fall and enhanced the look and feel of my hair.

I could see the changes quickly because the hair fall I was experiencing wasn’t major so if you have immense hair loss or any sort of serious problem I guess you would need to try it for yourself and it may take a few months for changes to be visible. Nonetheless, it is definitely something that can improve the quality of your hair making them feel good and nourished.

Have lovely hair and be beautiful! 



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