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Making Sense of #CityOfSelfies @Select CITYWALK

Making Sense of #CityOfSelfies @Select CITYWALK

When I first came to know that Select CITYWALK is all set to break records of clicking maximum number of selfies at one place, I was jumping on bed with a burst of excitement. Selfies are awesome and the way they are transforming the world, is great to witness and then comes a first ever event which aims at revolutionizing it for more cheers and laughter.

The event was a two day gig last weekend with massive participation from the crowd ranging from young folks to old. I visited them on the first day and was totally elated by the response and happy setup that allowed people to express themselves with friends, kids or just make that duck-face on their own. There were people like me shamelessly and eagerly doing the selfie dance and some were just strolling around to get comfortable but joined the game eventually!

Folks at Select CITYWALK were able to get more than 6000 selfies and make a mark in the creative history and now I can proudly say I have participated in something really record-breaking 😀


Jokes apart, let’s look at how selfies are positively making a difference in our lives if you do it all in moderation – 

1. Improves Self-esteem

The internet has come to terms with the selfie phenomenon and there is less agony around this concept but in its entirety, selfies have helped people with low self-esteem or anxiety issues to shed their skin and boost confidence! It has created a space for them to accept themselves and make peace with their body image.

2. Transforming Moods and Emotions

Sad? Take a selfie! Irritated? Selfie! Depressed? Selfie! It acts like a trigger that will force you to put your best face forward. You will pout, try different expressions or fake some fun but whatever you do, when you deliberately change the physiology of your body; you change the chemistry too.

3. Tool Of Self-love

Yes, we have a lot of expectations from friends and followers to like our selfie face and admire us with that thumbs up button and a million comments but most of the times it doesn’t really matter. We create this honest bond with ourselves and embrace the relationship we have formed, we enjoy the moments we have captured while drinking, showing off the new outfit or we adore documenting all those tiny & little moments that collects our reality in a very fancy way! But most importantly we love ourselves in the whole process.


#CityOfSelfies was one of those events that gave permission to people to let go of their inhibitions and display the fun, quirky, simple yet happy side in front of strangers at the center of the huge shopping destination. In a culture where we take decades to come out of our comfort zone, this was a great show to break some labels!

Now, do tell me if you were there too? and if not then share a picture of your pretty selfie with me in the comments below and lets have a little fun here 🙂



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