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Why Mantras Work?

Why Mantras Work?

“Man” means mind, “tra” means wave or projections. Therefore, a mantra is the projection of the mind through sound vibrations.

The most important thing to note as a layman is the fact that “Mantras” are words with higher sound vibrations.  In our day-to-day life whenever someone speaks ill words to us or abuses us with violent and harsh language, we feel hurt and we immediately feel a drain out of energy with a sudden reaction of negativity, right? We feel bad and unhappy. We identify it as an attack!  Ever wondered why?

Why words affect us so deeply?

Because of the primary reason that words carry vibrations. In fact everything in this universe functions on a vibratory pattern. The basic structure of the universe is the atom, and the basic structure of our bodies is the cell; each cell is made of billions of atoms and each atom is made of a positive nucleus and negative electrons rotating around it; because of this rotation, an electromagnetic field is generated similar to fields generated by an engine. Every single atom is vibrating in a specific frequency, whether this atom is part of metal, water, cell, or anything else. So every thing in this universe is vibrating, this is a given scientific fact.

We are not just merely human beings with flesh and bones, we are energy beings with waves and rings of frequencies around us. Therefore, whenever someone throws negative words to us, our energy antennas receives them and start operating on that level. We feel a lack of life force, hope or faith when we speak negative words like sadness, abusive words or talk about depression, diseases which has low vibrations. Similarly, we feel full of vigor and enthusiasm when someone motivates us or we revel in happy conversations and a bright ray of vibe is magnetically connected to us.

Now coming back to Mantras, they were transpired to us from ancient texts, Vedas, Upanishads, holy scriptures, divine beings and centuries old yogis. They are not just mere words with positive energies. They are tried and tested sound vibrations that emit a certain frequency which holds the power to heal you and the world. All our sacred mantras have been repeated so many times that the electromagnetic field coupled with it performs the magic show. The words which are used in mantras have been carefully selected and worked upon so it gives us instant benefit.

Now here’s how – 

The roof of our mouth has eighty-four meridian points, all along the upper palate. Mantras were given to us as special gifts. Ages ago, highly evolved beings went into deeply meditative states. They began reciting certain sounds that made the tongue hit these meridian points in the mouth in certain combinations. It’s kind of like playing the piano — if certain notes are struck, a beautiful song is produced. With every word we speak, or in this case the mantras we recite, we hit certain “keys.” If the right combination of keys is struck, then the hypothalamus, thalamus, and pituitary in the brain are all stimulated in such a way as to bring our minds into a meditative state, and even into ecstasy. –Phylameana lila Desy, Holistic Healing Expert.

We experience drastic benefits with mantra chanting or even listening to them is advantageous. Chanting mantras also causes the left and right hemispheres of the brain to synchronize. It helps in oxygenating the brain, reducing heart rate, blood pressure and assist in creating calm brainwave activity.

The divine connection with mantras is not just a spiritual scheme, it is backed up with scientific reasons and ideas that are easy to comprehend. Next time when you chant any of your favorite holy mantra, do it with the intention, conviction and emotional attachment and see the power it unfolds for you.

BTW which is your favorite chant or mantra or even a phrase that helps you align with your truth and protects you?

Mine is the Mool Mantra!!! Share yours?



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