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“Meditation-In-Action” Top 5 Destinations & Tips For Mindful Travelers {India}

“Meditation-In-Action” Top 5 Destinations & Tips For Mindful Travelers {India}

Travel is fun, a lot of fun and its exciting to every cell in the body. It’s something one can never deny, it expands your perceptions, surprises you with wit and pushes you to doubt the smallness of your world.

For me travel is meditation in action because it compels me to observe every single thing around me, even if am just stoked about taking pictures – I am still in awe of registering every minute detail about the experience in my mind’s eye. It makes me wonder and appreciate the beauty of the Universe, its a process of exploring and visiting new dimensions of the physical world with immense happiness, fun and pleasant child-like inquisitiveness. Although, wherever you go, you can be mindful but some destinations and places are just meant for that sole purpose, they exhibit that zeal for evolution, evoke eternal and explicit love and awakens the inner connection of pure divine love within you. Check these top five mindful destinations in our very rich Indian culture and let the blank canvas be splashed with the colors of your spirit!

 Mindful Travelers {India}


Surrounded with sun, sand and hot people, Goa is the most favorite hippie’s destination. You can sit there for hours and just do nothing in the serenity and vastness of ocean. The whole place has tons of churches, different types of beaches, market areas, mindful retreats and yoga studios to explore.



The french left their historic marks in the colonies of Pondicherry and I totally love it. You will find breath-taking cafes, local libraries, lovely trails that can take you back into the old era with a cultural time lapse and the delicate architecture will coerce you to think about compassion, vulnerability and take back home the classic veils of France.

 Mindful Travelers {India}


Ayurveda, exotic wildlife, serene beaches, lush hill stations, coconut grooves and and amazing cultural foundations make Kerala God’s own country! A mindful place to restore lost energy, begin again and regain a sense of control over life!

 Mindful Travelers {India}

Dharamshala, Mcleodganj

Dharamshala, I guess just the name is enough to put it up on the the list of mindful destinations. The Tibetan vibes, the lovely escape and nature all around makes it an amazing place for wanderers and wood-lovers.

Rishikesh, Uttrakhand

The “Yoga Capital of the World”  has a lot to offer than just a religious space for gaining nirvana or peace. You can lose yourself in the sublime streets, touch base with your inner guidance around the river Ganges and sign up for courses that can help you experience the greatness within you along-with some newly-opened vegan cafes for good food and holy conversations!

Mindfulness is not restricted to just these places, or any place for that matter! Its only concerned with the way you live the present moment of life within you and how you reflect it externally. You can be mindful in your home, your work place or your shower – yes! But when you travel and explore a new aspect on the map of the world – your conscious state is at its peak and encapsulating those moments with every single breath you take, becomes an easy job for the mechanism of your body. I have listed down five interesting tips for traveling consciously and mindfully, a different kind of travel guide! Enjoy 🙂 


Tip #1 Embrace The Change In Perspective

Travel is all about exposing yourself to new cities, new people, new cultures and everything that you have not seen or known before. So, embrace the change in perspective and keep the door of your mindset open for all sorts of experiences – good or bad.

Tip #2 Spend Less

Travel is not about spending a lot, its about earning that experience and really enjoying every bit of it. Consider renting small spaces or couch-surfing and going local with the whole process of your holiday. Mold yourself into an explorer than a spendthrift, simply make ways to buy a  variety of experiences than assimilating goodies and products that you will dump in your wardrobe after returning home!

Tip # 3 Keep Your Sanity In Check – Be Flexible

Okay, I lost my sanity for two days flat, in the trip of 4 days last year and I came back home with a bag full of regrets on how many moments I screwed for the smallest of issues. You are going to miss out on your favorite pair of clothes, you might discover that the room you booked is an ugly piece of shit and something will get canceled – be flexible there! And embrace the change, it gets tricky but try to live the moments fully.

Tip #4 Seek People

The most enthralling travel experiences are a bulk of stories and stories are interesting when it includes different kinds of people. This world has a good number of population, try to get to know a couple of hundreds? Strike conversations, seek new languages and allow some impressions of beautiful lives to touch you. These experiences can range from the most hilarious to adventurous and even transform themselves into wonderful friendships. Create your treasure 🙂

Tip #5 Pay Attention, Ditch Digital

Mindfulness is all about being in the now, so may be leave that phone aside and really pay attention to the beautiful moments you go through on your trip. Try to notice the life that’s happening around you than the world over internet!

Other Tips Include –

#Watch Sunrise Wherever You Go

#Do Yoga

#Long walks

#Eat Healthy

#Write In Journal

I personally love capturing moments with a Polaroid camera, putting them into a diary and writing a few lines about it!! 

Do you love travelling? Where did you go last time or plan to go super soon? Share with me in the comments below! 


Images – Ruchika Batra,  Namaste Happiness



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  • Thank you for this ! i am in india right now sitting a beautiful beach South Goa and i am loving your advice for other places to visit. <3 namaste x

    • Thank you Nadine, South Goa is amazing 🙂 Glad you liked the post, do connect if you would like to catch up in Delhi sometime! And you must definitely lookout for Isha Foundation in Kerala run by Sadhguru – incredible man! (Google will be able to help you with all other details) Much love x

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