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MoroccanOil Treatment At Alaya {Organic Spa and Salon In Delhi}

MoroccanOil Treatment At Alaya {Organic Spa and Salon In Delhi}

Alaya” is a beautiful word that means and reflects the state of mind before attaining “Nirvana“. With such a positive intention and inclination towards well-being; Alaya, the Organic spa and salon in Delhi caters to providing you with services that will align your mind-body and soul. It aims at assisting you with your beauty, skin care and hair care needs in the most authentic and organic way.

Alaya spa and salon in Delhi caters to providing you with services that will align your mind-body and soul

The moment you enter Alaya, your energies will feel grounded and you will be wrapped in utter peace and calmness. The employment of wooden interiors, dim lights, green plants and soothing eco-friendly essence will open a space for self-love and pampering with enriching experience for you. I love their minimalism approach to decor and warm welcome with Tibetan inspired music in the background.

I had a really long and tiring day when I planned to visit Alaya for one of their special offerings called, “MoroccanOil Treatment“. My hair were very dull and dry and I needed a complete makeover with quick results, less chemicals, holistic treatment and a relaxed method. I tried the Moroccan hair oil treatment for the very first time and you can see the awesome outcome for yourself in the picture below. Moroccanoil Treatment transforms hair completely because its a formula that restores protein for strength, fatty acids, omega 3 oils and vitamins for shine and antioxidants for protection. It is a beauty phenomenon which is versatile, nourishing and acts as the best finishing tool for your hair care. 

Alaya spa and salon in delhi

(Please ignore the lighting difference and the odd hair gap, getting a new hair cut soon)


The treatment started with a hair wash suitable for my fine tresses, followed by a hair mask and oil massage that was one of the best massages I have ever had. The therapeutic rub-down on my head and shoulders was so relaxing that after closing my eyes, I was lost in some sort of a de-stress land. It was super rejuvenating, relaxing, reviving and so restorative with every touch on the pressure points. The person who was at my service was a professional with 8-10 years of experience and was very humble in his mannerism. After the restful massage, hair were rinsed and not washed with a shampoo because Moroccan Oil gives you great results like that. I was afraid that it might look a little greasy and unflattering but to my surprise my hair were simply smooth and there was not even a single oily strand. Then I had a blow dry with some more application of the oil like a serum and the outcome just made me fall in love with my long hair like never before. Also, there was a very subtle fragrance of the treatment which didn’t bother me much. And I enjoyed the whole process while sipping a cup of barley tea.

alaya organic spa and salon in delhi

I have been thinking of chopping my hair off and getting a bob hair cut or something but after my visit to Alaya and such a nice treatment, they have made me realize how beautiful my hair can turn out to be, if I just take care of them with the right rituals.

I would highly recommend the place to anyone who loves everything organic, natural and would prefer to shine from inside-out in a holistic aspect.

Price of Moroccan Oil Supercharge (just hair spa) is INR 1900 + taxes and Moroccan oil ritual which is scalp treatment followed by ‘supercharge’ is INR 2800 + taxes.

If you avail the Moroccan Oil Treatment and give the reference of “Namaste Happiness” then you get a complimentary free hair cut too!! 

Location – 9, Community Center, PVR Anupam Complex
Saket, New Delhi – 110017
+91 11 40514561 / 62





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