By Ruchika Batra

My Encounter With Pita Pit

My Encounter With Pita Pit

Over the last weekend I went to a newly opened healthy cafe in the midst of all the fancy noise called “Pita Pit”. Its a Canadian quick service chain launched in India by Mentor Hospitality Private Limited. Pita Pit is known for it’s made to order customized pita sandwiches and salads. They have been running outlets in Select City Walk and Cyber Hub and have just recently introduced this lounge space for GK – M block market where I encountered their offerings.

pita pit

As soon as you enter the lounge you will feel a very subtle and balanced interior welcome. Their arrangements were quite simple and organized with wooden chairs and they followed a patterned theme of green, grey and brown all over the place. I personally loved the plants, book shelf (I spotted The interpretation of dreams by Sigmund Freud lying over there) and very English yet fresh disposition of everything. There is nothing dominant or bling in that space, you might just recall “Pita Pit” for its ultra-fine play with modesty in ambiance. But let’s uncover if you would you ever come back or recall their food.

pita pit india review

I started my day in “Pita Pit” sipping Green Tea with lemon grass leaves and it was amazing! They had many other flavors on their menu such as green tea with rose petals, peppermint or basil etc. To play safe I opted for the lemongrass one, it was light in its texture and taste. Then I quickly jumped on to grab my first ever pita sandwich. I love falafel so I got my hands on it clubbed with veggies and so many different sauces and turns out, it is one of their famous offerings. The pita bread comes in two options; white or wholewheat and you can choose any. The entire experience of eating your pita sandwich is customized according to your taste and desires. You can choose what would go in your mouth and what healthy choices you would like to savor from the bread variety to the size, fillings of veggies, cheese and sauces. You get to choose everything!

“I am a big fan of making choices” hence a thumbs up for this! 

The Falafel Pita Sandwich I ate was fulfilling, healthy and wholesome. I can say its an organic roti with a twist, it gets a little dry so you wanna accompany your meal with some juice or flavored tea. Because I already had green tea I went for the watermelon juice and oh my, that was so refreshing with pulp. I loved it completely even in the cold weather of Delhi.

Lastly came the platter of desserts, I chose a chocolate pudding to start with. It showed up in a good quantity and to my surprise the chocolate was scrumptious. It had a rich and authentic flavor unlike other puddings available in the market with artificial and synthetic layer. I also got to try their Cinnamon Banana loaf and I am already craving it again, one of the best desserts I ever tasted. I would highly recommend that!

pita pit review

Over all, I would say if you are yearning for a healthy change you have to certainly stop by Pita Pit and grab a salad or sandwich and definitely relish in their desserts.  Services are cool – average and ambiance is quite something if you want to have a conversation, meeting, interview or sit all by yourself in self-reflection. I wonder how they are going to spice the healthy options because mostly folks don’t go out to eat veggies wrapped in a bread. I heard they would be expanding their menu so let’s hope there’s something more to count on. Anytime on the go, pita pit is a great choice that won’t be heavy on your pockets too. I think it is capable of replacing your everyday lunch for a change and healthier lifestyle. 

Location: Pita Pit Lounge, M18, Greater Kailash, Part I, New Delhi (First Floor)

Meal for two: INR 500/- +taxes

Restaurant timing: 11:00am to 12:00pm

P.S. They have home delivery as well that comes in recycled yet pretty cardboard boxes.

How many of you would love to try this new space, share in the comments below?



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