By Ruchika Batra

My Flexi Pass – Fitness Everywhere!

My Flexi Pass – Fitness Everywhere!

Tired of hitting the gym everyday but don’t wan’t to compromise on your fitness schedule? Looking at experimenting with your wellness game and surprising your body with different style of activities, exercises and fitness regimes? “My Flexi Pass” is here at your rescue!

This is one very interesting brand that aims at keeping you healthy and awesome by providing you with an array of studios and gyms that you can opt for anytime and anywhere. Through their platform you get access to various fitness centers near you by just a single payment and subscription. They have a very simple process that allows users to sign up via email or facebook, get a monthly (renewable) membership of INR 500 for 5 classes or INR 999 for 10 sessions and you are all ready to be exposed to a variety of choices to settle for your health & fitness. By just subscribing at one place, you can play around and pick the class that suits your time, your mood, schedule and requirement for your workout. Isn’t that just awesome?


So, How It Works?

Step 1 – Discover all the studios near you that offer the classes you would love to try, ranging from gyms, pilates, yoga, zumba, dance and much more.

Step 2Book the class through “My Flexi Pass” website. Choose according to your mood and requirement! Select the nearest studio and schedule it before a couple of hours to avoid any sort of inconvenience. (In other news: They are launching Android + iOS app soon)

Step 3Walk in to the chosen studio or gym, show your unique registration code and ID and flaunt your fitness in style!

and yes, crawl out stronger! 🙂 

Living an inspired life that pushes you out of your comfort zone has just been made very easy and customized according to your needs via “My Flexi Pass”.

These guys have partnered with over 500+ studios/gyms and fitness centers that are waiting to entertain you with their wide variety of services.  They are running currently in Delhi and Mumbai and will be going the android + ios app way super soon for an efficient interface. It’s so interesting that now you can stop hanging around with excuses of ‘I have no time’ or “I am busy at work’ etc and really work on yourself. You can select studios near your office, while on a holiday or attempt at astonishing yourself by going for a change that leaves you limitless, recharged and rejuvenated. 

Experience – I haven’t tried their services as of now but am really looking forward to book my first class with them because I am a kind of person who is passionate about multiple workouts and the one who is always seeking more! So, if you are anything like me –  check them out. Please note their online payment getaway and cash on delivery services will be made available after July 26, 2015.

Also, do let me know what’s your favorite workout regime? 



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