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Myths About Law Of Attraction -The Secret Book!

Myths About Law Of Attraction -The Secret Book!

If you have ever read any self help book or sifted through motivational quotes and blogs you must have encountered the “Law of attraction” or often referred as “LOA”. It became really popular and got on to the tables of coffee conversations after the launch of Rhonda Byrne “The secret” in the year 2006. The book and the documentary came with a bang and gave the world a mysterious way of achieving whatever they wanted. It raised hopes, created a new dimension and awareness by building a conversation around metaphysics for fame and money. The secret did a great favor by introducing the law in such a simple manner but people were left dumbstruck with questions and doubts and a lot of other myths about law of attraction.

I personally love “LOA” because it is not something that you acquire, it is something that you ARE as a human being.

Simply put, LOA states that your thoughts have power and you can call into your life whatever it is that you desire or believe in. Remember the moments of synchronicity? You think about someone and they call you or bump into you. The guy you wanted never showed up because you knew he wouldn’t or…the interview you worried about is the one you couldn’t pass through. Precisely, we don’t realize but we are always manifesting our reality. It is no magic trick or woo woo stuff, there is a universe that works with us and helps us in co-creating a life that will help us elevate our consciousness and experience greatness in this time and space.

We will dig deep in the law of attraction in future posts but for now lets debunk some significant myths about Law of attraction for you –

1. Its all about thinking good – “Like attracts like” and all you have to do is think about that shiny car, potential partner and huge sums of money in your bank account and you will get it.

Oops, hate me for breaking it but it isn’t true! Thinking is good but we think consciously and in the heart we know the truth. Do you know why affirmations work for some and not for others? Because it is the belief that counts, it is the knowing of authentic worth. We might say to ourselves some positive words but our emotional state will contradict it and when we are not in harmony with our thoughts and feelings how can The universe work for us?

2. Law of attraction is magic – Nothing drops out of thin air or happens in an instant and certainly nobody gets rich overnight. LOA is not a magic trick to play with.  [ctt title=”Myths About Law Of Attration” tweet=”Nothing drops out of thin air or happens in an instant and certainly nobody gets rich overnight. LOA is not a magic trick to play with.” coverup=”bo55d”]

You can get lucky sometimes and things may fall into your lap but it is not what LOA advocates all the time. You have to work for it. You need to drive your desires with action and intention together. Universe might give you hunches, arrange a meeting with your potential employer, get you into a party with the right partner but YOU have to move your ass and take decisions, follow your intuition and take action. Smart – work will get you everything!

3. You have to control all your thoughts – Now, when we know positive thoughts bring positive stuff into our lives, we get scared of thinking wrong or negative. This has happened with me a lot! In the moments where I felt apprehensive, underestimated myself or thought anything remotely not good I have felt cancelling it in my head instantly and beating myself down for thinking about it.

You really cannot control your thoughts they are always walking by. We have around 60,000 thoughts daily and even if we pay attention we cannot control 1% of them. Negative thoughts help us to raise our bar and identify exactly what we don’t want. So instead of dismissing them we must recognize and understand why are even thinking about them. It will help us to choose the next positive thought that we truly believe in!

4. You can manipulate other people – You might wish your boyfriend will propose or leave smoking, you may think your boss will give you raise or promotion but LOA only works for you and has nothing to do with controlling others.

We use this attraction technique with feelings, affirmations, visualization!
only to control our own vibration and beliefs. You cannot manipulate others to do things for you, we only have the power to change our own energy circuit and feelings.

5. If I use LOA bad things will never happen to me – The most important one is the fact that we buy into the theory of all things happiness. With LOA we disillusion ourselves with fabrication of a great life and we believe we will be happy forever.

Happiness is a state of mind and as I mentioned earlier LOA is no magic. The Universe will bring you exactly what you believe is true for you but sometimes the manifestation god has something much better in store for you. We might think we deserve that partner and we use all the right thought-feeling connection and we visualize a married life but that guy calls off the wedding. This doesn’t mean LOA doesn’t work it means that there is someone much better for you waiting outside your limited human perspective.

The source has a bigger plan and the Universe can do things for you that you cannot ever imagine. Co-create but always be open to receiving many other gifts from the awesomely kind Universe because whatever happens, happens for the good.

Have you ever deliberately manifested your reality? Are you stuck with LOA? Share your thoughts in the comments below? I would love to hear from you 🙂 



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