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Natural Beauty Tips With Aarushi Singhal!

Written by Ruchika

Please tell us about yourself?

I am Aarushi Singhal, economics student at Delhi University and pursuing a diploma course in German language. Coming from a middle class family, I was never allowed to use expensive skincare items available in markets and always ended up using homemade skincare items like ubtans or coconut oil for almost everything. Therefore, I started blogging to share natural ways to maintain healthy skin and hair!

What inspired you to switch to natural beauty products/recipes than the regular cosmetic brands?

My mother is responsible for bringing this positive change into me. Since childhood, she has kept me away from most of the chemical laden products and made me habitual to the use of natural homemade treatments. She has always used shikakai , brahmi and reetha for her hair which are the reason behind her long hair without a strand of white hair even at the age of 45. Her radiant skin and healthy tresses made me believe in the magic of pure ingredients.

What does organic beauty mean to you?

According to me “The simpler the skincare, the more effective it is” . Try to use products which contain 10 or less simple and pronounceable ingredients in them. Less ingredients are a boon for the people with sensitive skin.

What’s that one thing/product you can’t live without?

Floral waters! I just cannot stay without them. They are my skin saviours. I use floral waters as face toner, face cleanser, laundry spray, room spray and what not. Uses of floral waters are endless. Very few people are aware of them. They are extracted through steam distillation and are the safest alternative to your toners filled with alcohol.

What are your daily beauty rituals?

My daily routine is quite simple. I wash my face with a homemade oats cleanser mixed with water/milk , spray lavender floral water as a toner and then applying day cream by Atlantis Skincare (a foreign brand). However I do practice elaborate beauty rituals twice a week to pamper my skin and calm down my mind.

What are your top 3 organic and natural beauty brands and their products ?

I trust a very few Indian brands as most of them make false claims about being natural. This is why I have started my own brand Blend It Raw Beauty to promote simple skincare in India and make people believe in the magic of pure ingredients that nature offers us like herbs, oils, butters, flowers, etc. And for sure, Juicy Chemistry and Raw Rituals for skin care, it’s all I use. They make amazing hydrating body oils, brightening face masks and reparative serums, so for any skin care, they always have my back!

What’s your favorite beauty trend of the moment?

I usually don’t follow beauty trends too much. But these days I am looking forward to try superfoods in skincare like chia seeds , moringa , kale or algae and dry face brushing as well.

Your way to unwind a long day?

I find face masks to be the best way to unwind and have some “me time”. A pampering beauty ritual involving facial steam , dry body brushing or sesame oil body massage also calms me down. I also go for a walk with my mother every night before going to bed.

If someone wants to detox their beauty bag, where should they start?

I would say, start with the products that stay on your skin for longer time like body lotions, body oils, face creams and most importantly lip balm as it can be ingested by us easily while eating something or generally .

What’s a skin care secret that you wish more people knew?

Less is more. Our skin or hair does not require a lot of ingredients. Just find few suitable ingredients according to your skin type and stick to them. Trust me , your skin will see positive change.

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