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Nia Sharma: Asia’s Third Sexiest Woman Shares The Mantra Of Her Life!

There will be many to mock your goals and demoralize you. I take it ‘in from one ear and out the other’ – Nia Sharma

TV actress & Fashionista,  Nia Sharma broke the internet when she emerged as the third sexiest Asian woman alive in a poll conducted by Britain’s Eastern Eye newspaper recently. Leaving Alia Bhatt & Katrina Kaif behind Nia has surprised her fans with that update and knowing Nia personally, I couldn’t resist but ask her a few questions and bring her beauty & fitness secrets for you all to feel sexy right away –

What does sexy means to you?

Nia: Sexy to me is having an honest mind and opinion and a positive aura around you! 

What is your makeup routine?

Nia: I don’t wake up or sleep with my make up! I use it only on occasions and remove it as I get home to let my skin breathe.

One beauty product you can’t live without?

Nia: My medicated skin cream to keep it hydrated.

Your fitness secrets? 

Nia: Well, I don’t have any fitness secrets. To be honest, I just maintain good eating habits and stay away from junk food.

You have achieved so much with your hard-work, what would be your tips for youngsters who want to achieve their dreams too?

NiaI again do not stand in the league yet where I can guide youngsters. I’m still chasing my dreams and goals and and hope others too reach wherever they wish to!

One outfit in your closet that makes you feel sexy?

Nia: I have my days of feeling sexy.. sometimes I like to dress up funky and feel sexy and other times, I wear a total party outfit and feel sexy!!

One fashion trend you can’t stand?

Nia: Too much of ‘eclectic’ dressing pisses me off.

The mantra of life you live by!

Nia: There will be many to mock your goals and demoralize you..! I take it ‘in from one ear and out the other’.!!

As she celebrates this amazing chapter in her life, we wish her all the best for her future endeavours! Can’t wait to see this sexy woman on silver screen soon!

Find some of her beautiful pictures below –

Just what girls do best… 'pose' with poise @stylebysusmita #DressbyShahidamir

A post shared by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90) on

A post shared by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90) on

#doyou #pumawomen

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The bucks are gone, but i do have my phone🙂

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When you dress up Vs when your mom dresses u up!

A post shared by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90) on

A post shared by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90) on




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