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All About Nimba Nature Cure – Gujarat’s Largest Naturopathy Centre

All About Nimba Nature Cure – Gujarat’s Largest Naturopathy Centre

Wellness is a lifestyle and lifestyle is an accumulation of your daily habits.

What you do on a daily basis, how you eat, how you breathe, what thoughts you entertain, what you feed your body and how you respond to life with your default system determines the health of your physical, mental and psychological state.

With our unconditional attachment towards technology, those daily habits have gone for a toss. Now, how we go through our days is a nightmare in itself. Healthy lifestyle is a far away dream and deadly diseases have occupied our homes. And to treat, overcome and defy those horrifying consequences; we have to take a detoxification break in between our busy lives. Visiting wellness centers can not only remind us of the healing powers of nature, relaxation, ayurveda and alternate medicines but pluck out the main source of all diseases.

Recently, I got an opportunity to visit Gujarat’s largest naturopathy centre – Nimba Nature Cure for a blogger’s meet organized by Ayurved Sutra. The two-days meet was an enthralling introduction to Nimba’s services and offers with an amiable setting to know fellow bloggers in the wellness domain. Here is a rundown about my experience – 

Watch my video experience here 


Nimba Nature Cure is located at the Mehsana highway, 40kms from Ahmedabad in Gujrat. The Sanskrit name “NIMBA” comes from the term ‘ Nimbati Syasthyamdadati ’ which means ‘to give good health’. With the vision to pave the path towards a drug less lifestyle, Nimba is an initiative by The Oswal Group. It offers unique naturopathy therapies combined with yoga and meditation. Engaging their visitors through other activities such as cycling, aquatic yoga, meditation cave, library and a rich natural vibe; Nimba is sure to restore some balance in your life.

nimba nature cure


There are variety of accommodation options available for your stay. They have a number of eco-friendly rooms available which are all equipped with modern amenities to ensure that you have a comfortable and convenient stint. You will have everything you need for your routine life. Ranging from an economic to luxurious space, Nimba houses a good number of cottages with three rooms each all priced quite fairly. You can choose to share or not share your room with any stranger.


When you step into the vicinity of Nimba, expect your life to change as the food you eat will become your medicine. Forget all your oily treats and sugar cravings, in fact be ready to give up on milk based tea and coffee because all you will be offered for your own betterment is a cup of herbal tea. Food at Nimba is prepared with utmost care and thought, each meal has a significance on your body and is completely healthy. You can check my video on the food I ate while at NIMBA here.


Nimba offers naturopathy services combined with yoga and meditation. They have more than 40 trained and certified therapists; therefore you will be in good hands. Their service in terms of therapies includes massages, reflexology sessions, ayurvedic therapies like deep tissue massage, shirodhara, water therapy etc. and one of their new offerings is Raga or Music Therapy. Music therapy is a way to take advantage of music to heal thy mind, body and soul. Right now they are using classical music to provide relaxation but I really expect more advancement in that therapy. I loved the aquatic yoga which was a super fun activity for the water lover in me! Check all of those therapies in my vlog here.



NIMBA is a unique wellness facility for a week/month of detoxification. You can find yourself walking in the massive green space without your mobile phone (as network is an issue) while you breathe fresh air and gobble down healthy food. If you are looking to cure a certain disease or ailment then I might suggest you go for a more intense program or centre but if you are looking for a little break in the safe space of Gujarat and unplug from social media and daily routines while you get good service through naturopathy then do check this amazing place out! 



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