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Nourish Hair Naturally With “Satthwa” Premium Hair Oil (Review)

Nourish Hair Naturally With “Satthwa” Premium Hair Oil (Review)

Allow me to introduce you to this wonderful bottle of health and nutrition for your hair. You heard me right! The Satthwa premium hair oil is not your regular oil; it is a goodness blend of 9 oils all put together in this cute little bottle to help you fight against hair hall and grow hair naturally.

We all know that most men and women suffer from this concern of hair fall or have thin hair or are frustrated because of the dandruff rubbing on their shoulders. But Satthwa premium hair oil comes to you with positively promising results for premature greying, hair fall and dandruff.

Satthwa, literally means ‘pure’ in Sanskrit and the product is essentially combined with oils extracted purely!  Brain child of entrepreneur Mr. Prashant, who was himself suffering from hair fall, Satthwa offers you a 100% chemical free treatment. After a lot of research, trial and error, Prashant found a good mix of certain oils which made a lot of difference to his hair. His family and friends were happy with the results with the oil too. Now he is on a mission to help others with this scientifically researched hair oil formula!


And I can vouch on the quality and results of using this oil. I have been using the Satthwa oil from last couple of weeks and I can totally feel the difference which is unlike any other product I have tried.

Satthwa comes in a simple transparent bottle, priced at INR 599 for  100 ml and smells mildly good. The packaging is definitely fuss-free, sturdy and easy to use. You just need to flip up and apply the oil on your scalp. The oil is in yellow-ish color and its consistency is pretty good, it’s not thick or sticky and you won’t feel the ugly greasiness on your hair after application that much. The best part of using this oil was that I was able to rinse it off very quickly!

You will see the change in one application if you have very dry hair like mine! Not sure about the hair growth but I can definitely say that it will reduce breakage, provide shine to hair, nourish it and smother your tresses with care.

Ingredients of Satthwa Premium Hair Oil and their uses:

  1. Omega 6 & 9, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and rare Vitamin K from Sweet Almond oil
  2. Ricinoleic acid from Castor oil which makes hair darker and stops premature greying.
  3. Lauric acid from E.V Coconut oil.
  4. Jojoba oil which is Anti-fungal & cleanses the scalp by unclogging pores.
  5. Vitamin E contains d-alpha Tocopherol.
  6. Amla oil which is rich in Vitamin C.
  7. Grapeseed oil which delays skin aging.
  8. Emu oil stimulates dormant hair follicles and helps in new hair growth.
  9. E.V Olive oil treats dry and damaged hair.

Conclusion – Although, the bottle might look deceptively small with an expensive price tag but the quality is sure to make it worthwhile and you only require a teeny tiny amount for application.  Definitely, it will last you long. Also, it’s great for dry hair and nourishment of normal hair.

You can purchase the oil on Flipkart here and read more about it on their website.




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