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Why Spirituality Endorses Vegetarian Diet?

I was lucky enough to study in a school that taught about spirituality and equipped us with the benefits of having a vegetarian diet. I don’t quite clearly remember all about what was specifically disseminated but for sure I understand that spirituality and being vegetarian go hand in […]

Mood Food – 7 Foods That Fight Depression!

Depression, the most prevalent form of mental illness affects 3 out of 100 urban populations in India and 1 out of 3 cases are very severe. The World Health Organization in its new global health estimates on depression for 2015 said while over five crore […]

How to make the Ultimate Smoothie Bowl In Just 2 Minutes! Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I love having a fulfilling, healthy yet a little bit fancy breakfast everyday. Even if I am running late to work or I have an important call to attend, I will make sure that I reach out for some quick yet healthy meals. And one thing […]

Would you use a Menstrual Cup?

You have used pads and tampons and have been hearing the buzz about Menstrual Cups lately. But would you go ahead and use it?  The idea of putting something inside your body and let it to sit there for hours to collect blood is quite weird. […]

7 Reasons Why It’s Okay To NOT Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of the year again! You will be bombarded with love messages, you will see people spreading their good vibes with romantic pictures, whole lot of preparations and you will find pink greeting cards, symbols of love, roses and heart shaped balloons calling you […]

Why Mantras Work?

“Man” means mind, “tra” means wave or projections. Therefore, a mantra is the projection of the mind through sound vibrations. The most important thing to note as a layman is the fact that “Mantras” are words with higher sound vibrations.  In our day-to-day life whenever […]

Introduction To KUNDALINI Yoga

Yoga has the magical power to not only surprise you with its many benefits but also with its many variations. Gone are the days when yoga practice was restricted to only one genre, we now have a new philosophy blooming everyday. When I heard about Kundalini […]

Wellness is a journey you embark on one day at a time – Interview With Jia Singh!

Hello Jia, please share a brief about you and your work to our readers! I am a Delhi based travel, body positivity and wellness blogger. I run a blog called Wandering for Wellness and contribute regularly towards magazines and websites. I write primarily on fitness, […]