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Past Life Regression Therapy With Aakriti

Past Life Regression Therapy With Aakriti

Welcome to Namaste Happiness! Please tell us something about you and your offerings?

I am Aakriti, Director of Krystal Jyotirling institute and one of India’s youngest tarot card reader and crystal ball gazer. My profession is my passion and my passion is my profession. I believe in optimism and that supreme being who is always guiding me! My institute Krystal Jyotirling offers almost all types of courses of occult and holistic sciences. But today the therapy we are going to discuss is Past Life Regression.

past life regression therapy india

That’s amazing, let’s get started with the Past Life Regression Therapy right away then! 

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. Past life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or in a psycho-therapeutic setting.

According to the Indian mythology, upanisads and yoga sutras of patanjali discuss a lot about past life regression. During the 2nd century BC, the Hindu scholar Patañjali discussed the idea of the soul becoming burdened with an accumulation of impressions as part of the karma from previous lives. Patañjali called the process of past-life regression prati-prasav (literally “reverse birthing”), and saw it as addressing current problems through memories of past lives.

In the modern era, it was the works of Madame Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society, which brought it a new found popularity, especially in the West. French educator, Allan Kardec also researched into past life regression in ‘The Spirits Book and Heaven and Hell’. Past life regression therapy has been developed since the 1950’s by psychologists, psychiatrists and other mediums.

Wow Aakriti! Can you help us understand who should undergo this therapy? 

Anyone can undergo and learn this therapy except for children (until unless it is required).

How it helped you to do the Namaste to your own happiness?

Past life regression not merely tells you about your past life instead it answers a lot of questions related to our present life as well. For example: our habitual patterns, infatuations or liking for something in particular or an individual and our way of living. Basically, our personality is the reflection of our past life habits so with this therapy we can unleash the many reasons for our current circumstances and troubles whether it is our financial position or relationship with children, parents or relatives. We can understand it all as our current life is a fruit of our past life karma’s.

Past life regression therapy changed my life in a very positive note. I started into this field at the age of 15. Before I learned about past life regression my only question was “Why did I start working at such a young age and what is it that inclines me to God so much?”

After learning about this therapy and further through self past life regression, I was showered with all the answers. That day I felt myself at peace and satisfaction. This awareness about me motivated me to work and achieve what I have been missing in my past lives.

Is there any science behind Past Life Regression Therapy? why it works?

Past life regression or therapy is done with the help of hypnosis. Taking a client to the state of subconscious mind through hypnosis one can access his/her past life. But these therapies are to be done only by an expert.

There are three states of mind as described by famous psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud – Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious mind. Conscious mind is the state of mind we are aware about. Example you reading this information is a part of conscious mind. Unconscious is the state when we usually meditate. Subconscious is mainly the reservoir of all our memories including all our past lives. Hypnosis takes us from our conscious mind to subconscious. Further to the journey of exploring the subconscious is Past life regression.

Are there any levels to this therapy?

There is a proper training given to become a past life therapist. Initially the students are taught about hypnosis and its mechanism. What all myths attached to it and how do we counsel our client before the session etc. So you have to undergo the the training extensively and then you can be a therapist yourself.

What are the common fears and myths related to Past Life therapy?

There are a lot of myths attached to this therapy –

  • If I go for any such session, I may not come out – This myth is absolutely wrong because a past life therapist only brings you to your subconscious mind from your conscious state. If you are not comfortable with it you can always ask your therapist to take you out or just simply open your eyes and you will snap out of it.
  • What if I start imagining my past life – There are possibilities that a client may imagine or cook stories by him/herself only if he/she is either not willing to go for a session or has not been taken into subconscious mind properly by the therapist. Hence, you have to own the willingness and be free from all the illusions to begin this therapy.
  • Past life therapy can be done only to people who have weak minds – Any individual can be taken into subconscious stage only if the person is receptive and is willing to have the session. Thereby breaking the myth of weak mind people.

Connect With Aakriti Semwal

Aakriti past life regression therapyIndia’s youngest Tarot card and Crystal ball Master Ms. Aakriti, Owner of Krystal Jyotirling Institute, Certified Tarot Master Teacher from World Metaphysical Association. She has been a proud member of American Tarot Association and Association of Tarot Studies, U.K. Worked with Samachar plus and AWESOME Tv, USA. Since her childhood she could feel the essence of spirituality in her soul. She says, “God is the one who believed in my worthiness and gave me this responsibility of being their messenger. It was he who helped in channeling the name of this institute. At Krystal Jyotirling Institute, we provide online & distance learning for courses like Lifestyle: Approach towards life, Occult Science and many other healing courses. Our website ( is getting renewed, so please feel free to connect on Facebook or follow (Aakriti Semwal) on Speaking Tree.

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