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Post-Baby Bounce

Post-Baby Bounce

Are you a new mom? Are you struggling from post pregnancy weight gain? Here is a great book especially designed for you by the wellness expert Namita Jain!

Check out the exclusive author interview and uncover what can you expect from “Post-baby bounce”- A wellness handbook for new moms. I am not a mom but I do understand how significant is the act of self-care and healthy living. I hope this book serves you well, read through the interview to know more!

Tell us something about yourself, Namita? 

namitaI used to be a competitive swimmer in school. I enjoyed playing sports – squash and badminton. Since I had an athletic background, as well as an interest in fitness – I was eager to demystify myths related to diet and fitness, so I enrolled in several internationally credible certification courses. I have actively been involved in the wellness space for over 25 years. Now there is no looking back. I hold group fitness classes for students in Mumbai, write columns for newspapers and magazines, covering health issues such as nutrition, exercise and related topics.  In the field of rehabilitation, I offer consultations to a Bombay Hospital, structuring training programs for people with special needs, training the trainers and conducting specialized classes. Over the years, I have developed a broad-based foundation, encompassing clinical exercise, pilates, sports medicine, nutrition, weight and lifestyle management. Post-Baby Bounce is my 10th book on wellness.

Previously written books include – How to Lose the Last 5 Kilos and Feel on the Top of the World

Fit Pregnancy : The Complete Health Plan For You And Your Baby

The Four-Week Countdown Diet: Now You Can Choose How You Lose

Let’s go straight to the book “Post-baby bounce”, what is it all about? 

Post-baby bounce is a wellness handbook for new moms. They have unique health concerns –  which need to be addressed. At this vulnerable phase in their life they have to shoulder a full time responsibility of nurturing a new born. No matter how much you’ve looked forward to being a mother, there will always be moments when you feel you aren’t prepared enough for the responsibility. Many new mothers also find themselves caught in a dilemma. On the one hand they want to spend every waking moment with the baby. On the other they are already thinking up ways to regain their lost figure. Post Baby Bounce understands this dilemma and promises to help you resolve it, to your satisfaction, by suggesting ways in which you can devote time to yourself without feeling as if you are cheating on your baby.

post-baby bounce

What inspired you to write this book?

I wrote a book titled Fit Pregnancy : The Complete Health Plan For You And Your Baby. Post-baby bounce is a sequel to that book. I meet several moms who come to me with their concerns of getting back in shape. Even under normal circumstances keeping fit is a tricky proposition. And when you have just delivered and have a baby to look after now, it becomes all the more challenging. This is the reason I decided to write the book.

Great! can you shed some light on the format of the book?

The book is divided into 6 sections. Each section has chapters within it that address topics that are relevant to that section. The 6 Sections are: Just delivered, Breast feeding and lactation, Diet, exercise, common concerns and well being.

 Which is your favorite excerpt from “Post-baby bounce”?

Dear Diary,

If nothing else, my diet is going to make a globetrotter out of me. Why, you ask? First Namita asked me to emulate the French and eat little but often. Now she is recommending that I take lessons from the Japanese. Japanese? To which she replied, “Hara hachi bu.” Do I have to take language lessons to decode that?


No, no language lessons needed, I promise. I am always looking for new ideas to add greater value to my dietary suggestions and when I heard of this Japanese phrase, I adopted it immediately. Roughly translated Hara hachi bu contains some sage dietary advice: “Eat until you are 80 per cent full.” It is believed to have come from the very calorie-conscious Okinawans who mouth the phrase before they sit down to their meal. By doing so, they avoid falling into the very trap most weight-watchers find themselves in—not knowing when to stop eating.

What would be your three quick tips on losing post pregnancy weight? 

  • Exercise wise: understand what exercises are suitable for your body type.
  • Eat Smart: Learn to make tasty and healthy food.
  • Believe you can: Success lies in positive thinking.

Is there any myth related to post pregnancy weight gain that you would like to demystify?

Myth: “I have no time to exercise”.

Suggestion: Make the time, and fit fitness into your planner.

What would be your word of motivation for mothers who are struggling to lose weight?

Know that you are important. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Set realistic goals. Stay focused.

You can pick the book from here

Hope you enjoyed the interview! Would you like to share the most difficult thing that you are facing while on your journey to shed those pounds! 



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