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Rasayana Yoga & Fitness Studio In Saket Has The Most Qualified Yoga Trainers!

Rasayana Yoga & Fitness Studio In Saket Has The Most Qualified Yoga Trainers!

Rasayana Yoga & Fitness studio in Saket is an amazing place to dive within, re-connect and practice the power of yoga under the guidance of qualified Yoga trainers and masters amidst the lush greenery, away from hustle and bustle. 

Yoga is a science that deals with the essence of who you are. It helps you decipher and comprehend the aspects of your body, mind and soul. It allows you to open the limitless possibilities of your health, mindset and spiritual inclination. It is a practice that has the power to uplift your reality, your vibrations and your life. Yoga, not only heals your physical body and helps you get rid of diseases but is a lifestyle shift that can lead you to excel in your field, achieve great success and inner happiness. It is a proven technique that has promoted well-being, emotional intelligence, overall health and vitality from many decades.

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And to reap it’s many benefits in this day and age we must practice the art of Yoga under proper guidance. Because a stronger body, calm mind and increased happiness  doesn’t come with a self-taught yogi or someone who claims to have done 500-hours of Yoga teacher training. I guess, Yoga can be called a very simple yet a complicated practice on that fact. It is simple because anyone can get on that mat, you can be of any age, shape or  background; all you need is that willingness to be involved in this movement. And, its complicated because it is so vast and deep that certainly you need to be around a professional who is not only dedicated to his/her own practice and is disciplined but provides a safe space to a healthy sequence without any risk or damage.

These days there are many yoga studios offering great services, packages and trainings in New Delhi therefore choose your trainer, studio very diligently and carefully.  You also have various options to try some online courses like this one Click Here!. But, Rasayana Yoga and Fitness Studio in Saket is one such studio that understands the need of true guidance and puts a lot of emphasis on qualified, educated, and trained masters who are well versed with the science of yoga and have a record filled with years of unwavering practice. Their trainers are aware of the biological, physical and mental implications a pose can hold. They understand the right postures, the co-relation of body and mind and will help you walk this journey at your own pace.


Teachers at Rasayana includes Mr. Vikram S. Malik, who is an International Gold Medalist (under guidance of Acharya HP Shastri), with years of experience and Mr. Anuj Kumar (equally qualified and even more experienced) who is also an important part of the team.

To know more about their classes, you can connect with Rasayana at the below mentioned details –

Email –

Mobile – +91 98100-169-27, Landline – +91-11-46016927

Address – J – 64 Saket, Basement,

New Delhi – 110017


Thank you Rasayana Yoga and Fitness Studio for partnering in this post.





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