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Right To Keep Food Safe Campaign By Tetra Pak

Right To Keep Food Safe Campaign By Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak, a leading food processing and packaging company has recently launched the “Right To Keep Food Safe” campaign in the capital. This awareness initiative aims at educating and empowering women about making informed choices when it comes to food and nutrition. I was glad to be a part of this event with renowned guest speakers that included Ritika Sammadar, Diet Consultant and Nutritionist and Award Winning MasterChef, Vikas Khanna.

The campaign is a very interesting step towards building awareness, promoting food safety and creating a sense of alarm about hygiene, food habits and nutritional quotient.

In India, where “Chalta hai” ideology is still followed we never really care about what we are feeding our bodies. We seldom give it a thought when we are sipping that roadside juice or relishing foods with low quality. We don’t ask many questions and then we find ourselves coping with stress, diseases and medicines. This public awareness initiative pledges to empower mothers across the country as they are the real caretakers, they are the most worried about the protection, health and hygiene of their near and dear ones. The campaign is also introducing an online course for the super ladies to learn and understand the crucial aspects of nutrition, food safety and packaging. You can check more about this course here. The program has been designed under the aegis of the Indian Medical Association, the Indian Dietetic Association and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences [Department of Community Medicine].



They are even selecting 10 Safe Food Ambassadors who will represent the initiative of “Right To Keep Food safe”  in a discussion panel on national television. I guess as a country we are late to start this conversation on food safety but hell yes, its happening.

I have some fun facts that I learned during the event – 

#Did You Know?

Boiling milk actually leads to reduction in vitamin content. 

  Tetra Pak cartons do not require preservatives.

  Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna loves to cook while listening to the    “Waheguru” bhajan, he has been doing this every morning  from last   15  years!! CAN YOU IMAGINE?

No doubt why he is the  most loved and most admired person…his positive personality was great  to witness. And let me tell you he is quite funny and grounded too!

Now here are Five Tips For Healthy Food Habits –

a) Always wash your vegetables with vinegar or soak them in water for a while before you actually use them.

b) Eat real, fresh fruits instead of going for juices.

c) Only opt for seasonal fruits and go for the rainbow platter (fruits with different colors)

d) In your cooking add the dash of real colors with variety of edible products instead of artificial coloring (use juices, turmeric, grapes, beetroot)

e) Never skip your breakfast (the old favorite)

What do you think about this campaign? Is India ready to take on FOOD Safety? 



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