By Ruchika Batra

RiteBite Max Protein Bar Review

RiteBite Max Protein Bar Review

rite bite protein bars review

When I started hitting the gym a couple of months back, I realized that you tend to feel more hungry and your body demands a hell lot of nutrition for muscle maintenance and regeneration of cells. It is not just exercising that works, you need to accompany it with supplements and healthy diets for an efficient power-packed performance in life. Snacking on protein bars is one of the easiest way to add some tasty value. Let’s dig in and uncover some benefits of these crackly, nutty, granulated bars –

  • They contain essential amino acids that help you synthesize immune and red blood cells, repair wounds or damaged tissues and manufacture both hormones and enzymes
  • A protein bar between meals can help control your appetite
  • They act as meal replacements
  • Convenient on the go snack
  • They are good energy boosters
  • Can give you a Pre-workout boost or Post-workout support
  • Prevent dehydration ( provide electrolyte)
  • Great nutrition

The need of extra protein in your daily life depends on your eating habits and fitness goals. Only if you workout, exercise aggressively or participate in physical activities a lot, they are your go-to happy bars. Today we are going to review one of the famous protein bars available in the Indian market – RiteBite Max Protein Bar with Zero added sugar. I have three flavors on the platter for you – Choco Slim, Honey Lemon and Choco Fudge.

Going by the package and name all three do justice to their taste and look. They all contain Omega 3, Amino Acids, Electrolytes, Fiber, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and minerals. Convenient to carry and eat anytime these bars do not require refrigeration. They are enveloped with high energy and health, you can slip them in your bag on your way to work or that dance class quite easily.


  1. RiteBite Honey Lemon Max Protein Bar – Tangy, sour and little bit crunchy! This bar didn’t really suffice my taste-buds. I love the impeccable blend of honey and lemon but the essence couldn’t reach the right chord for me. May be because I am not much of a zest fan but if you are fond of something that’s mouth-puckering and tart in nature this is your lady!
  2. RiteBite Choco Slim Max Protein Bar – Crispy, crusty and crackling, this bar is quite nutty. It has a little bland chocolate so you won’t feel any sugar in your mouth. The rich granules and nuts are yummy and will make you feel awesome. You might just pat yourself and say “Thanks for this wholesome meal”!
  3. RiteBite Choco Fudge Max Protein Bar – My favorite out of all three! This one had a pile of chocolate beneath the nuts. It was so fulfilling and appetizing! I loved the fact that chocolate wasn’t over-weighing the healthy content. It’s something that I would prefer to buy instead of sugar candies and regular chocolates any day!

Final Take-awayRite Bite Protein Bars are amazing supplements that you can snack on if you skip meals or grab after a rigorous workout regime. They should be used as added value and not the only source for protein. Their flavors are all different and sugar free. Fulfilling and rich in nuts they provide a fun chewy experience. They can be brought easily from any retail store.

Price – INR 100/Per Bar

Have you ever tasted RiteBite Max Protein Bars? Which is your favorite? If not then which one are your planning to try?



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