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Rock Your Health With RAWKING – India’s Most Advanced Cold Pressed Juices

Rock Your Health With RAWKING – India’s Most Advanced Cold Pressed Juices

RawKing is synonymous to green and wholesomeThey endeavor to help you gain natural and sustainable wellness through a great range of fresh, raw and pure foods. I recently came across their facebook page and I was super stoked to try their offerings and share my experience, review and feedback with you, so you can begin a healthy lifestyle with a bell at your doorstep, literally. RawKing offers free delivery service of juices, salads and personalized plans at your door without any trouble.

Launched recently, RawKing has made its mark positively in the (New Delhi & NCR) area and is working intensively to provide you with the most amazing wellness experience. Their fresh juices are 100% vegan (no dairy products), 100% Gluten free and most importantly 100% Cold pressed.

Cold pressed” is basically a process of carefully extracting juice at a slower speed so it keeps the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their right place. Because, when we use the typical and regular juicer at home, the blades spin at a higher speed and the friction caused due to it produces heat which in turns destroys and oxidizes a lot of the natural components and living enzymes in fruits and vegetables. Hence, it is always advised to eat fruits than drink juices but I believe we all cannot munch a good quantity of fruits let alone eating green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale or even yummy carrots. Thereby, it is quite essential to drink those juices which contains high quality nutrition and RawKing offers healthy value without sugar, preservatives or any other artificial substances.

I got my fresh juices delivered at 8:30 am in the morning yesterday by a humble man who handed over the cute chilled bottles in a simple brown paper bag. The bottles are so pretty, portable and lovely to carry around. I actually fell in love with the quirky names they have given to their various juice combinations. Gladiator, Samurai, Olympian, Ninja are to name a few.

My experience with the three I tried – 


Samurai – Wields its sword against that excess body weight. This warrior is a specialist in strengthening your body metabolism and fighting the harmful LDL cholesterol. What more? It will replenish your body with essential nutrients that strengthen your bones and eyes, tone your skin and also give you immunity.

Made with Apple, Spinach, Kale and Green Apple, also topped with Chia seeds, this little green angel made me go all WOW over it. With healthy juices you can expect all sorts of reactions because they aren’t your usual all-sugary drinks and as we are accustomed to feeding our bodies with synthetic junk, anything that’s natural might not be welcomed pleasantly. At first I thought this all green Samurai would be hard to taste or digest but turns out its my favorite from all the other options.


Gladiator – Ever ready to combat against infectious agents (boosts immunity) and scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the body. It also has anti-clotting, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

The description of Gladiator ensures the healthy properties and nutritional value it holds. The beautiful orange drink contains carrots, red bell pepper, Pineapple, Broccoli, Basil, Lemon and ginger. It’s a great option to replace any of your energy drinks or fizzy drinks after lunch. It’s full of greatness and has a little citrus touch to quench your sunshine thirst.


Ninja – Agile and alert. An expert in detoxification. Scavenges the body of the harmful toxins and free-radicals. Relieves stress and enhances quality of sleep.

Comes with the goodness of Apple, Carrots, Red cabbage, Beet, Red bell pepper, Lemon and Ginger, it is a true ninja to fight over all the negative, harmful toxins that might have made room in your body. I drank it in the afternoon to grab some good energy to fight the scorching heat in the city. It has that simple taste of carrots and creates a sense of alertness and easiness in your body with its armors.

RawKing juices are processed with RO water, Ozonizer and UV treatment in a sterile environment ensuring the best of high quality reaches you.

They also have some very interesting Detox and Cleanse Plans that you can opt for to bring clarity, freshness in your mind, rejuvenate your spirit and add a healthy doze to trash out all the nasty toxins from your body. The plans include Semi Cleanse, Advanced, Standard and Cleanse Commitment options that come in a 1 day or 3 day packages. RawKing is not just about juicing but about a healthy lifestyle with some great meals as well. There are tons of salads to choose from and some combo foods to suffice that little tummy of yours. And very interestingly, they also provide nourishing weekly and monthly meals which can happily swap your daily junk to a wholesome diet when at office or while hanging out with friends.

All the information about RawKing can be found at their website, they have addressed all the queries related to cold pressed process, cleanse guidelines, myths of packaged juice, why go raw etc  and you can order their healthy offerings there only.

I am so glad I found them! 🙂

Get over all stress, negativity and choose to radiate and glow with nutrients rich, wholesome foods to feel good about yourself and create that vitality and holistic lifestyle to enhance your well-being with RawKing.

Oh, BTW according to Urban Dictionary RawKing means “Someone who is a raw foodist”. So, are you Rawking? 



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