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“Runaway Children” – Author Interview

“Runaway Children” – Author Interview

runaway children

About Mr. HariHaran

S. Hariharan is a successful entrepreneur, a family man, an ardent altruist and now an author (Of the book Runaway Children). Born in Palakkad, Kerala, Mr. Hariharan completed his education majorly in his hometown with a degree of Bachelors in Commerce. After completing his MBA in Pune he moved to Mumbai and soon formed his own Company in 1994, Pace Setter Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Today the company is worth 100 Crores with a 4000 plus staff.

In his pursuit of freedom and knowledge, Mr. Hariharan has always encouraged and inculcated the same values in his children. He also lends the same support to a lot of other children through his Street Children Foundation. Having experienced a life on the streets himself, he has a better Understanding of the needs of these children. The primary objective behind the book is to bring awareness of the life and times of these Street Children, how the society should take special care in educating them and enabling them to earn a living on their own.

Other than dreaming for the society, Mr. Hariharan dreams for himself too, on his list is to see 200 countries before he is 60! While he is passionate about travelling; his other interests are cooking and philosophy.

Mr Hariharan, what inspired you to write “Runaway Children”?

Having runaway three times in my life, I thought why not write a book and highlight the issues to the world. Recent incidents also inspired me to write which I have written in the beginning of my book, the incident at the Orphange, Vatsalya foundation. Even though it’s more than 30 years since I have come back to normal life, the incidents were always haunting me, so I thought its better late than never, in writing this book.

What are some of your greatest lessons from streets? 

  • Value of money and food.
  • Human relationships, basic needs, meaning of hunger and poverty.
  • There is no thinking of god or prayers, survival for the day, to get food for the day is the mantra.

What are your views on good parenting and how can one implement it?

As a parent I give my children lots of love, hugs and in fact has a ledger which we maintain the no of kisses to be given to each other for any mistake and achievement. I give them lots of freedom, playing, movies, going out, whatever they want, with guidance and opinion. Encourage them all the time, spend quality time with them, cook them all possible dishes, their favorites. So, Parents need to have more friendly relationship with their children than father and son. Give them lots of love and time. Play with them, understand their mindset and guide them without any force, pressure. Give them freedom and try to listen to them always and don’t get worked up when they do mistakes in any way. Obviously never shout or abuse or hit any child ever.

What are the special needs of runaway children and how can an individual contribute?

Lots of love and affection, someone to talk to nicely and play. Anyone can contribute by going to an orphanage, educate the children, and sponsor their school fees and uniforms. Take care of their health.

Having led such an evolving journey, what do you think is the purpose of life?

To help others in need, especially street children or orphaned children so that they don’t become a threat or a pain to the society at large and earn their livelihood on their own. So, to educate them, make them good citizens is the main Motto.

What would be your advice to people facing difficult times/adversities in their lives?

Have patience, bad times will pass. Don’t give up, be optimistic and work HARD all the time.

 What is your take on Indian Education System?

It is Bad. It is not practical at all. Need to have more practicals and less theory. Also NCC or military training one year should be made compulsory.

What was happiness as a runaway child and what is happiness as a businessman now?

Getting decent food was HAPPINESS as a runaway child, and making others Happy is HAPPINESS now as a businessman.

Hope you liked this interview, you can grab Runaway Children, published by Jaico Publishing and read all about Mr Hariharan’s Journey and uncover a child’s state of mind through the tale of his endeavor, his pursuit for freedom and its details, sometimes grim but mostly pleasing and essentially courageous.



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