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Sattviko – Food For Soul

Sattviko – Food For Soul

“Sattviko” – The name says it all! 

It’s a fast food pure vegetarian restaurant that infuses the principles of a yogic diet in the modern food. A much needed space for the new age seeker or a health enthusiast. 

I was invited to be a part of  their one year marking the other day and my inner self was super excited to join them for this lovely experience. I was in an instant impressed by their intention of infusing health and principles of yoga to provide a holistic experience of eating. So, I was right there allowing myself to practically undergo their offerings and quench my desire to enjoy a good simple snack.

About – Sattviko is a venture of alumni from IIT,Taj Hotels and Mc Donald’s, it aims to redefine healthy dining, not just in India but across the globe. In 2013, Prasoon and Ankush decided to create a global restaurant chain that is truly Indian and solves the problem of junk food. They blended the benefits of Yoga with global cuisine and launched Sattviko Restaurants in 2014.

The food is light, nutritious, and easy to digest and always freshly prepared. The foods chosen for this diet bring clarity and balance both internally in the body as well as externally in the universe. Rated 4.1 on Zomato, Sattviko has also been awarded as the best Debutant Restaurant Chain of India and currently operate from 4 locations in Delhi/NCR.

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Experience –  “Sattviko” will help you grab a healthy snack on the go. As soon as I approached their counter I knew I was going to make a healthy choice for myself. I ordered a mango smoothie to freshen up my tiring day and it turned out to be a really good one with mint leaves. Their menu is not all that boring and simple considering they offer “Saatvik” food. They will pleasantly surprise you with their quirky mix of Indian, Mexican and Italian cuisines. I tried a few of their items that came in biodegradable serving plates. Starting from greek salad, mint lemonade and bhalla papri, Mexican Spinach quesadillas and Shrikhand for the sweet tooth, I was left with a feeling of goodness. Their menu is sans onion and garlic and they typically avoid frying and use less of all purpose flour in their cooking.

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What I most loved and can go back to eat was the Mexican dish with desi twist. It was a very cool snack that you can prefer over the temptation of an oily pao bhaaji or samosa. Their offerings are usual yet very different. They cook the same food that you eat everyday in a style that will help your body and soul feel loved and nourished without a second thought about money. They have humble prices for all their dishes and you would definitely delight and adore the inspiration of old traditions that will come to you in an affordable and fancy way.

This is not it.. Sattviko is also running a campaign called “Khana Bachao Desh Badao” that aims at spreading awareness around food wastage. 

A recent study has revealed that about one third of all food production world-wide gets lost or wasted. Food waste is a massive global problem that has negative humanitarian, environmental and financial implications.But with relative ease and a few simple changes to our habits, we can significantly shift this paradigm. This campaign emphasizes on stopping food wastage. Echoing to the challenge of food waste at a national level and in major sectors, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and households. A Facebook page calling out everyone to take action on this global concern will be made. People and supporters can post their ideas and concerns on the page, while mobilizing masses against food wastage.


Their Proud Vision For The Chain – Sattviko plans to expand extensively in the US and Europe, taking our rich and pure culture to every part of the world. 

Final Take-awayI wish I visited their restaurant instead of the outlet, can’t much talk about their ambiance and service. The menu is very very economical and you must dig their spinach mexican quesadillas or try a dessert that will be less sugary and all healthy. The fact that they are providing such unconventional dishes with a great twist they are worth a visit and applause. My suggestion for them will be to provide quality curd in bhalla papri and make heavy and fulfilling smoothies. 

They have outlets in DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunk; Old Rajendra Nagar, Kamla Nagar, Spark Mall and Gurgaon.

To know more about them you can visit their website. 



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