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Scientific Reasons Behind Navratri Fasting & More

Scientific Reasons Behind Navratri Fasting & More

Navratri is one of the most important festivals celebrated with great joy, enthusiasm and tradition in our Indian Culture. Associated with Goddess Durga, the nine days fasting ritual has a lot of religious significance and beliefs attached to it. Symbolizing the victory of good over bad or positive over negative, Navratri literally means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit; Nav – Nine and Ratri – nights. And fasting and worshiping during this period can really help you in cultivating a divine connection while paying reverence to all the nine goddesses dedicated to each day.

The festival is observed across the country but is quite popular in North India and there are many lengthy stories that can be pulled out from the Hindu scriptures to support the faith and greatness linked with this celebration but on the blog today we are going to uncover some scientific reasons behind navratri fasting that can reassure the power of this universe and validate the logical threads.


Navratri is celebrated twice a year. Once in the beginning of summer and secondly in the beginning of winter, the two very important junctures of seasonal change. During this time from an Ayurvedic perspective, eating foods like meat, grains, alcohol, onion, garlic etc. attract and absorb negative energies and should be strictly avoided because our bodies tend to have low immunity and are more susceptible to fall sick. So, we fast and worship for cleansing and purification not just for our body but for our mind and soul too for maintaining well-being, harmony and perfect balance.


Fasting is a way any sadhak can invoke divine power for eternal happiness and bliss. It is practiced for protection, clarity and power in this materialistic world. When you fast, your digestive system is at rest providing you with more clarity and life force to entangle your life and feel the ease of lightness of your system. It connects you more to the divinity within you to let you enjoy the calmness that may sow in your day. Even if you look at it logically, fasting helps you in making mindful choices for yourself and your body from the way you feed yourself and your mind. It awakens your inner self as you drop all the negative energies within and come back to your center. When you make self-loving choices for yourself, your self esteem increases and there is a great improvement in the brain activities.


When you deny eating certain foods you are breaking the pattern you have been following from months or years. This instrumental change with positive intentions ignite a new self-discipline in your behavior for your good. Also, the nine days in navratri are referred to sins/devils that live inside our own mind and can be overcome by training ourselves in a way that enhances internal purification. The nine devils are as follows –

1) Kaam (Lost)
2) Krodh (Anger)
3) Lobh (Greed)
4) Moh (Attachment)
5) Ahankar (Ego)
6) Darr (Fear)
7) Irsha (Jealousy)
8) Jadta (Inertia)
9) Nafrat (Hate)
10) Paschataap (Guilty)
When you deny eating certain foods you are breaking the pattern you have been following from months or years.
Our whole life is merely a purpose of letting go of all these dark clouds from our mind to spiritually connect back to the home within. And if you see it with the pragmatic lenses, forgiving ourselves and eliminating these demons can help you enjoy your life a little more with fun and peace that cannot be put in words. When you stress less, do not take things personally, do not blame, indulge in angst and guilt you are inching closer to a sound mental state which will be less prone to depression or any other illnesses. Because all the diseases originate in the mind first.

Healing & Health

Fasting, on a general note aids in weight loss much effectively than dieting. It is the safest way to shed those pounds and control the structure of your body. It helps in improving your metabolism rate to burn through calories effectively and it also strengthens your immune system enhancing more healing in your body.
On that note, Happy Navratri 🙂 Do tell me in the comments below if you are fasting this time?



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