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We usually relate the concept of simplicity with having less but here is the sweet truth – it is not about less, it is actually about  MORE..more time, more happiness, more fulfilment, more joy and more of what really really matters to you. Here are 4 strategies to simplify life :

To-do lists

To do lists can be a very powerful and effective time-management tool if we actually use them correctly.. So, what I have started to implement is this technique called the rule of three by JD Meyers. It’s a very simple formula wherein you define three things you want to achieve for a day, three things you want to achieve for a week and three goals you set for a month. The idea is that you achieve your weekly goals by dividing them into daily actionable items. So on a daily basis you know where you need to invest your time and energy and it simplifies your day perfectly.

Understand your personal style

Now, this may not sound like something that can change your life but when you actually understand your personal style in terms of the clothes that you wear, the home decor that you like. You stop inviting unnecessary things in your life. You stop buying everything that’s on Instagram or thats on sale. You set a boundary for yourself because it doesn’t align with your personal style. And its a pretty effective way of not indulging in consumerism just because things are on trend. So, you understand what you want, what matters to you and what makes you feel good. So, you kind of keep your life simple and save a lot of money as well.

Learn to say no

A lot of times we simply say yes to people just because we don’t want to hurt them. And saying no makes us really uncomfortable Honestly, I have been there but what I have realised is that every time I say a false yes to someone, I say no to something that matters to me and that is building resentment within me. So I am kind of over complicating my life by all this drama. Learn to say no and always remember that you can do it politely.

Create more than you consume

Last thing, I want to mention here is that create more than you consume. If you are anything like me, you might be addicted to Instagram or social media. Now, you can’t really fight such distractions but you can limit them. So, if you set a reminder a time limit for your usage or screen time for instagram or youtube or just generally your phone. It actually makes a lot of sense and it works pretty well.

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