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I love going out, meeting new folks, interacting with different individuals and getting a sneak peak into their unique worlds. I have grown up as a shy person, someone who was a total introvert but a rebel in her thoughts. I have always wanted to be out there but never gathered the courage to do so. It’s just after my college ended, I began my journey of being myself. I began to control my life, I treaded on my personal development path and then there was no looking back (You know the gig). But there is this certain dichotomy I have in my personality. As much as i like being around people, I freaking enjoy my own company too.

I can shop alone, eat alone, spend hours and days in my own company and still be happy. And now when I am in Singapore, I want to explore the city on my own and share it with you all. Of course, the husband will join me whenever he gets time but I am all about discovering this beautiful land, its places, people and things with my heart to capture memories and my vlogging camera to record everything to share it with you.

Here is the first vlog about my visit to Chinatown, Buddha Relic Tooth Temple and The Pinnacle@Duxton! 

There are many places that you can go to enjoy the aerial or sky view of this amazing city but I started from the Pinnacle and here are some tips to go about it –

All You Need To Know About The Sky Bridge At The Pinnacle @Duxton

  1. It’s an award-winning 50-storey residential development in Singapore’s city center, next to the business district. 10 Minutes walk away if you are in Chinatown.
  2. The 50th storey skybridge is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, except during special events. Do check the dates beforehand on their website here.
  3.  Only 200 members of public can access the 50th storey skybridge per day.
  4. Charge per person is $5 which you can pay through your card compliant with the Singapore Standard of Contactless ePurse Application (CEPAS), for example, EZ-Link card. (Your metro/bus card)
  5. You have to go to the kiosk at Block 1G, Level 1 management office to buy your ticket and register the card.
  6. You have to tap the same card you made the payment for the entry and exit.
  7. Take Lift A or B to go to the 50th floor, enjoy the view, take selfies and have fun!
  8. Oh! And WATCH my vlog to know more 🙂

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