By Ruchika Batra

Stop Hiding Your Self-help Books!

Stop Hiding Your Self-help Books!

Let me tell you this one truth and yes, its bitter and it will grasp your attention for sure. I have stored my self-help books in a container and kept them secretly in a place nobody can figure out. I have covered them with pretty floral gift wraps or handmade paper so I can read those books while travelling without defending or justifying myself in the face of judgmental eyeballs. But the truth is that I have been judging myself in this whole process as someone who loves self-help to be not normal or a little different. I mean what’s wrong if I have an inclination towards reading things that work for me! Over the last couple of years, I have unveiled myself and shed down the skin of pretentious fabricated act of bravery or societal acceptance play. I have come out and embraced my love for this genre and in fact am super proud of it, hence you have this blog space that genuinely endorses the empowering concepts and is awesomely fancy at the same time!

I have even met like-minded people who have confessed that they have hidden their personal development books from their husbands or family. Some said that they were afraid of being labelled as weak or called out with names which were pretty bad and nasty.

But, its high time we must stop doing this injustice to our own beings and really acknowledge the power of evolution that we are working on. Reading personal development books is not an act of weakness, its the virtue of brave. It takes a hell lot of courage to buy  books titled as “How To Win Friends and Influence People”, “How To Be Happy” or “Law of Attraction”. It’s not everyday you will meet individuals who are enthusiastically raising their standards, refining themselves to be better and are co-creating a life that matches their highest potential and not limited formulas of proving it to the society.

When you read these books, you begin a life of constant improvement, extension and gain that sense of control over your perceptions and inner reality. You stop letting past experiences or issues bother you anymore. You start updating the technology of your brain and initiate learning’s for enhancing your map of the world.

You accept your imperfections and you work on them as much as you can. Personal development is a great skill that keeps stretching you out. It’s essential for growth in all the aspects, it can change your relationships, careers, behaviours and most importantly how you look at yourself in the mirror. If you read books for the same then just be honest about it, no need to hide! You can even gain inspiration from self-reflective moments or just by being open to exploring new perceptions. I only wanted to remind you with this post that you are not alone, keep evolving and flowing because life is all about it. Flowers bloom, an embryo turns into a baby, a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, so how can you being the most sophisticated life on this planet not expand and amplify into your greatest self or be ashamed of it.

Do tell me in the comments below which one is your favorite book? I would love to know!




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