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Hell YES! We Did the 5km Music Run by Fastrack in Bangalore!

From Los Angeles to Bangkok, Singapore to Hamburg, The Music Run made its debut in India on September 10th at the Clarks Exotica Resort in Bengaluru, India. The ultimate 5km running and music festival was brought to you by Fastrack and it was something epic to witness. There was live music, dance, running,  fun activities, great food and an awesome vibe!

I am so glad that I participated in the run and had a gala time with Ishan. The Music Run is a global rage as it engages with the youth though fitness, music and entertainment. If you were there, do comment below but if you couldn’t make it and would like to get the hang of it then watch my video and experience the energy this festival created! 

After every km there was a different music zone and you find yourself running, chilling and enjoying the foam, the balloons and partying with people while running. I completely believe that the whole idea of fitness should be to have fun and the music run does it right. It gives your body a surge and your brain a goal. You will be confused if it was a concert or a marathon? But you end up wanting it more!




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