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The NOW Age Feature – Radhika Chopra

my picTell us about yourself and your offerings? 

I like to call myself a Catalyst for Change. I have a playful approach to whatever I do, with elements of Humor and Lightness. The Journey to my own personal transformation, as well as that of my clients has become more about discovering, and unleashing the Greatest Version of who we are. I am a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, Access Bars Practitioner and Body Process Practitioner and Facilitator. I also am a Practitioner of Quantum Transformation and Practice and teach the Pythagorean system of Numerology.

Share your story of transformation? How did you begin and what inspired you to embark on this evolutionary journey!


My journey started with Wonder. I wondered when all of eight years who I was and why I was here. This led me to series of life experiences essentially seeking an answer to my question.

The turning point in my life came when I had a sudden “incident” that brought be to the edge of death and in turn made me look at Life itself.

The Near death experience although was not unpleasant, however it left me to grapple with how I had viewed my life, more so my perception, and attitude to life and a search to make sense of it.

I then embarked on the journey with even greater restlessness and desperation. I tried modatilities, techniques, practices and went on a man hunt for the person who could give me the answer on a platter.

This helped me sometimes, but I did know I had to address the Fundamental truth. That there was  No answer and No one that can give it to me, there was nothing that could heal me or fix me.

No, not that I was hopeless!

I Realized that Wonder and curiosity is the play of life, that there is no where to go and nothing to fix and surely no one other than me had anything that I could not offer myself.

This has been empowering and this is what inspired me. The lock and key are both the same!

Loved the way you said “The lock and key are both the same”!! So, how do you help people heal and evolve?

I help people evolve by Empowering them to see what really is true for them and would make their life work for them. Healing is always a by product of consciousness and In my sessions I invite them to that!

What are the common queries and fears/myths you help people overcome about the service/therapy and about them.

The most common myth I have come across is people believe they are the victims in their lives and that they are powerless, and at the mercy of their circumstances. They begin to see that they are co creators with the Universe, powerful and potent beyond measure and that they Can be the Cause and needn’t be the effect of their lives.

Would you like to shed some more light about the history of the therapies you offer and why they work?

I See myself as a Catalyst for Change and use the tools of Access Consciousness, Quantum Transformation essentially. I also Practice Pythagorean system of Numerology based on empowering people to see their potential and possibilities rather that live from Prediction.

Access Consciousness is a pragmatic set of tools that can assist you to change any area of your life, it is gentle, kind and more so it’s a tool that is in total allowance of who you are and what you choose.

Quantum Transformation is dynamic, Releases, Transforms and Alchemizes Energy of your Feelings, Limitations so You can truly awaken to New Possibilities. It Releases Trauma, Allergies, Pains and Balances You Holistically. If You change Your Energy, You change your Life.

I see all of them work and change people’s lives because, and I quote the Tag line of Access Consciousness.

Empowering People to know what they know.

Any Mantras you live by? 

Life is Not happening to you, Life is happening For You.

The Universe is not responding to what you are doing, But to what you are Being.

Lovely, how do you indulge in self-love?

  • By being kind and caring to my Body
  • Gifting my self some Me time everyday
  • Adding something to my life that is Fun for me
  • Looking at myself in the Mirror for a minute everyday with NO judgment of me and my Body
  • No judgment of Me!

How do you deal with that fearful/ego voice in your head?

I deal with it by first acknowledging it and then functioning from the space of the one who has the Fear/Ego.

What are your daily rituals?

I start my Day with a deep connection to Me and My Body.

I end the day with a deep connection to my Body and letting go of all my expectations and conclusions and decisions of the day, so that I can wake up with a Fresh clean slate to Create from.

What keeps you happy?

What keeps me happy is Knowing That I have my Back.

Oh another one! A Cuddle with my pet dog, receiving her Unconditional Love!

Did you love meeting this wonderful being? Share your valuable comments in the box below!! 🙂



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